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Elizabeth Eden Harris is Going on Tour and One Lucky Attendee Could Win $10,000!

Elizabeth Eden Harris – any takers? How about CupcakKe? Bingo! The Chicago rapper rose to fame thanks to the raunchy songs she released via her YouTube channel as from late 2012. Her first music video, released when she was only 15, instantly went viral, although it has since been deleted.

Seeing the success of her pioneer video, CupcakKe kept at it, and she has effectively created a niche for herself in the industry. Her videos are synonymous with going viral as soon as they’re released, and if there’s an artist out there who has truly benefitted from this digital age, it has got to be her.

She has her own niche in the industry

On the Road

Having been in the game for almost a decade now, this singer already has a host of songs under her belt, enough for her to go on tour. And as it turns out, the 22-year-old just announced that she’ll be on the road as from September. Go girl!

Titled the 10K Tour, CupcakKe has something particularly special for those planning to attend her shows. Making the announcement via Twitter, the rapper revealed that for each concert, one lucky attendee would take home $10,000. Wow, if that’s not some incentive to get you some tickets!

Revealing how she would go about choosing the lucky winner, the rapper went on to explain that she would have a bunch of names put in a hat, from where she’d then pull out a random one, and just like that, the fan gets to be $10,000 richer. If it isn’t what we’ve always wanted from our celebrity idols!

Seeing her perform might be worth your while!

If you haven’t been a fan of the X-rated singer thus far, you might as well visit her channel and get all caught up with her lyrics and while at it, buy a couple of tickets. It might just be worth your while if you think about it, right? Lady luck could be secretly rooting for you, you know J

Making headlines isn’t something that CupcakKe is new to, especially given the nature of the music she puts out. You did get that she’s an X-rated singer, didn’t you? And you don’t get X-rated for no reason.

A Much-Needed Escape

All the same, the general consensus is that her music gives her a much-needed escape, and we can’t fault her for that. In January, the 22-year-old was having her worst personal crisis, going as far as tweeting that she would commit suicide. She was hurriedly rushed to hospital, and thankfully the situation was arrested before it could get any worse.

The following day, still via Twitter, CupcakKe apologized for airing her dirty linen in public, but come to think of it, could it have been a cry for help? Either way, she came clean about how she has been battling depression for ages, but was now getting professional help to wade through the murky waters.

Delivering awesome music is her primary goal

She maintained that her primary goal was to deliver awesome hits to her fans, and the fact that she has a tour planned is evidence enough that she is indeed on the right track. The $10,000 give-away is also so like her as her fans already know, so how about not judging the young lady? After all, we all have our personal battles.

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