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A Chef is Needed at the Buckingham Palace to Prepare Meals for the Queen, But Here’s the Catch

Meeting members of the royal family in the flesh can be too overwhelming, some may find the experience fulfilling, while others, life-changing.

We can agree that most of us dream of seeing them up close and personal, but the opportunity is hard to come by. But, a silver-lining came through the Buckingham Palace’s announcement that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, is hiring a full-time Chef de Partie.


Filling in the role, you will be expected to cook meals for royal banquets and state dinners, certainly a prestigious job you can take on if you’re a chef.

Not only will you be proud that some of the world’s most powerful are eating your dishes but you will also feel happy that you have come this far, serving the Queen and her guests what you prepared. While brewing up scrumptious delicacies for the royal family sounds amazing, it has a drawback.

Serving Queen Elizabeth and her guests may be an extraordinary experience


Although your job position is practically tied to the concept of reality, in actuality you might not be able to live a luxurious life because you will only be getting more than $27,000 per year, or $4,000 short with the salaries of other Chef de Parties in London.

However, if you are really a fan of the influential clan, are wondering how the kitchen works, or are eager to make a name for yourself in the business, then you can certainly choose not to pass on the opportunity.

If indeed, you’ve chosen to apply, you are entitled to accommodation and free meals, plus a 15-percent employer contribution pension plan. If you opt for live-in, your salary will further be adjusted.

As a Chef de Partie, you will mostly be based in the Buckingham Palace, but the position will also require you to travel to other royal residences, the job description explained. There will also be a rotation in the different sections of the kitchen because a diverse role would support your growth in training and development.

In exchange for the opportunity of cooking for the royal family, you will get $27,000 per year as compensation

Although experience with a prime kitchen is not that necessary, what the Palace is looking for are your abilities and enthusiasm. However, sad to say that the vacancy has already closed on March 14. If you really want to join the team at the headquarters, there are other job vacancies you can check out through the website.

Queen Elizabeth’s Eating Habits

Queen Elizabeth reportedly doesn’t like garlic on her food

Kudos to the newly hired Chef de Partie, who should probably have known the 92-year-old’s preference when it comes to food. For one, the Queen allegedly doesn’t like garlic on her meals because she meets a lot of people and talks to them – you know how pungent your breath can smell after eating garlic.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady also revealed that her boss always leaves the house with a slice of a chocolate biscuit cake, pretty much like how she practically brings her corgis with her anywhere she goes. She would indulge in that dessert every day, until only a tiny slice would be left, which, of course, would be finished by her. The question is, who doesn’t love chocolate cake?

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