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Check Out Aston Martin’s 3-Person Luxury Submarine

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus was already amazing as he took as to great adventures across the sea. While that already looked pretty exciting, he could step up his game if he lived in today’s era. Luxurious yachts have already been the icon of really wealthy people, but just the thought of having your own personal submarine can already give you a lot of adventures to come.

As the luxury submarine market has apparently been tapped already, luxury car maker Aston Martin wants in. Here is what they have to offer their consumers.

Meet Project Neptune

Just this week, the luxury car maker has just announced a bold step in introducing a luxury submersible vehicle. They named it Project Neptune and such was designed in collaboration with submarine maker Triton Submarines. This luxury submarine might not have been imagined by anyone else before and is meant to showcase the best of Triton’s diving experience alongside Aston Martin’s luxury design.

To make sure that this project delivers the identities of both brands, the luxury submarine will be based on Triton’s signature three-person submarine platforms. Aston Martin will use this as a starting point to explore new designs of the feature.

Every Super Villain’s Dream Vehicle

There might be no other class of persons who would like to go hundreds of miles underwater to do some sinister planning in their undersea lair, in comfort and luxury of course. You might also remember that way back in 1977, James Bond captained a Lotus car which turned into a submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Now, it looks like Aston Martin does not want to be outdone by these works of fiction as it gets into serious plans of turning plans of a luxury sub into flesh and bone.

Only a handful of the luxury submarines will be produced. Each will have a price tag of around $4 million and are expected to be shipping in towards to end if 2018. Aston Martin will be taking the lead on design with Triton will be producing the final product.

What to Expect

An earlier model was used for a James Bond movie.

A concept image of the proposed submarine shows a sleek design with a futuristic bubble like cockpit at the center which can give riders a 360-degree view. Such along with its metal body and fins make it look more like a futuristic spaceship for supervillains rather than a rich person’s leisure submarine.

Aston Martin executive vice president Marek Reichman says that they have used “forms and proportions that express the same devotion to design, engineering and beauty that shape out cars, such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar project.”

Bold Step by Aston Martin

Only a handful of the luxury submarines will be produced. Each will have a price tag of around $4 million.

Everyone knows Aston Martin’s signature touch when it comes to their cars, so it looks like the brand’s followers have a lot to expect as the carmaker ventures on its first step at sea. Aston Martin is one of the world’s last fully independent automakers and has become very visible in all James Bond movies.

While a lot would say that this venture is too wild, a spokesperson for the brand says that this submarine will not dilute the brand. “We are looking at the regeneration of our product line-up,” he said.

Not the First Time This Happened

This is not actually the first time that Aston Martin ever considered dishing out on a luxurious sea vehicle, and neither is this the first time that a luxury submarine has been thought of. Triton had come up with its own luxury submarines before, the Triton 1000/3 and the Triton 3300/3. Last year, Aston Martin also unveiled a powerboat which is already in physical production and has been delivered to two clients so far.

While this is not the first time a luxury carmaker ventures into aquatic offerings, this is definitely not the last time. Having a personal submarine might sound like a crazy idea, but this has already become the must-have accessory for the super rich now.

What could possibly be the most luxurious submarine ever has not yet been built, so it might still take some time before consumers can explore the vast undersea in classic Aston Martin luxury. If it does get produced, however, it will be very exclusive, expensive and sold only to a limited clientele. What do you think of this luxury submarine? How do you plan to use it if you ever come up with one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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