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Ariana Grande Could Become $10 Million Richer If She Wins This Shocking Lawsuit

Why don’t people ever learn? Illegally using a celebrity’s name, image, or likeness is like booking yourself a first class ticket to the courts, as Forever 21 recently discovered.

The retailer is having to face off with Ariana Grande after the singer sued them for $10 million for using her likeness without her consent to market their products.

The interesting thing is that the company could have avoided all this. At around when Ariana released Thank U, Next, she was at the heart of negotiations with Forever 21 who were seeking to partner with her to market their products on social media.

Think this is what she told Forever 21?

Compensation Was the Issue

As it turns out, they couldn’t strike a middle ground where compensation was concerned. Consequently, the deal didn’t push through and that was that. Or so Ariana thought. Forever 21, however, had other plans.

Seeing as they didn’t get their girl, they sought the next best option they could find. That involved hiring an Ariana Grande look alike and proceeding with their social media campaign as planned. In hindsight, this might not have been a very good option.

Having previously worked with the songstress, did they think that they wouldn’t raise any concerns? Whoever’s captaining the ship at Forever 21 must be doing something seriously wrong if they thought they could get away with this.

Additionally, why would they be this reckless, considering the myriad of issues they are already facing? According to CNBC, Forever 21 is seriously considering taking the bankruptcy route, so you wonder why they’d heap more financial trouble on themselves.

Forever 21 is considering the bankruptcy route

According to documents from the suit followed by Ariana, she charges six figures for an Instagram post for short-term endorsements. If you seek to have her drive your campaign for much longer, you’ll have to dig deeper and sign a seven or eight-figure check.

When CNBC reached out to the company for a comment, a spokesperson informed them that it’s company policy not to comment on litigation matters. However, they confirmed that they were disputing any allegations thrown their way, but still remained to be fans of the singer.

They even made a point of mentioning that they’ve been working with one of Ariana’s companies for the past couple of years, and hope that the case won’t affect their working relationship.

However, they also hinted that it would have been much better had they settled the matter out of court. All the same, everyone must be hoping for an agreeable solution sooner rather than later.

Negative Press

Remember when Ariana was starting out? The year was 2015, and unfortunately, she didn’t make the best of starts in her career. She made headlines for pretty much all the wrong reasons, including saying that she didn’t feel patriotic.

Thankfully, America forgave her and that mini-scandal is just but a distant memory. She has now become a force to reckon with, equaling records that the Beatles set all those years ago. In every sense of the word, Ariana Grande is now an unassailable heroine, and you’d think that Forever 21 would know that.

An unassailable heroine

So will she be $10 million richer when all this is done? We’ll just have to wait and see. But remember, she is unassailable. Google exactly what that means, thank the internet later!

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