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Is Angelina Jolie Getting Married to a British Billionaire?

Just around three years back, Brad and Angelina, who were presumably the most popular celebrity couple in the world, went their separate ways after getting a divorce, which was not a great event for both as they had to enter into a long battle for custody and care of their children afterward. However, recent rumors have speculated that Jolie has perhaps moved on, and is dating a British businessman/billionaire.

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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie got married after maintaining a lengthy relationship for many years and having six children but decided to part ways just two years after getting married.

A Fourth Marriage?

The latest rumors about Jolie’s new boyfriend even say that they will soon be getting married, as apparently, Angelina has been planning a wedding. According to the details surrounding these rumors, the marriage is going to be organized in France and could take place very soon. Some people, however, believe that the venue of the marriage could be the same one where Angelina and Brad’s wedding took place back in the year 2014, the Chateau Miraval.

Whoever this new mystery man may be, if they decide to get married, then this would be Jolie’s fourth marriage. Her first marriage was with Jonny Lee Miller, which started in 1996 and ended in 2000, whereby she then married Billy Bob Thornton that same year which ended in 2003 and then tied the knot with Brad Pitt in 2014. Brad and Angelina had been in love with each other for about 14 years before getting married. It was an intense relationship and the couple was famously known as Brangelina.

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Jolie’s marriage with Billy Bob Thornton was widely publicized as well, but it was not to last due to their differences.

However, all of these marriages are part of her past life. According to reports, Jolie had to get over the loneliness phase after she got divorced from Pitt. Reportedly it was the most difficult divorce for her, understandably because of the mere duration of her relationship with him. But apparently, her six children have really helped her a lot by creating a warm and nurturing environment at home which has enabled Angelina to get through this phase of loneliness.

Nothing Confirmed Yet

Well, it’s still a rumor and we are not sure that this is going to happen. Right now, Angelina is enjoying her single life at its best and amazing her fans with her courage and strength even after three divorces. One of the sources close to her remarked that Angelina is not dating any guy right now and she has no regrets about that. She is definitely okay with the concept of living life as a single woman and mother. That is why we don’t think Angelina is ready to start a new relationship as of yet.

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Jolie’s children have been a source of comfort for the actress ever since her recent divorce.

Even though her recent past has been a bit rough, but thanks to her children and the love she has for her family, she is reportedly in a better place. But definitely, getting here was not possible without the care, attention, and love of her children. For that reason, her entire focus right now is on her work and on her kids.

Angelina and Brad are also not moving things towards any kind of patch up, and right now we can say that Angelina is also not into any dating relationship with any British billionaire. Maybe we will hear some good news in the future about Angelina’s new boyfriend but right now we can only hope for that.

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