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5 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Computers, laptops, smart phones, even robots, they are all present in the world now, and they are indeed taking over, because technology, makes people’s lives easier and more convenient. Computers makes it easier for people to read and write, even play games, smart phones makes it easier for people to communicate, of course this is all possible with the help of the internet, which can now also be used to go shopping. Online shopping is the convenient way to actually shop till you drop, basically, all you need to do is to log in to any type of store, whether it is food, clothes, accessories etc. that offers online shopping services. There is no need for you to drive and go to the shop, just browse on the website and buy it with your online credits of course. Literally everything can be bought online, however, there are things that it is best to get in person, and here are some of them.

[su_quote cite=”Stefano Gabbana” class=”cust-pagination”]“Luxury is not a static concept, but it shapes and changes with society. Now somebody who might not have the time to come to one of our boutiques can shop online.”  [/su_quote]


Believe it or not, you can purchase a car or basically any type of vehicle online. However, no one has invented a special app yet that could actually let you test drive the car, check if it’s wheels are actually working, as well as its lights, windows, breaks etc. so obviously, it is not highly recommended buying vehicles online, especially used cars. Then again, you can of course look for vehicles online but you and the seller must meet and make a certain agreement, so you could physically see the car and check everything there is that needs to be checked, even its papers, because you wouldn’t want to buy a stolen car now, would you?


One of the most popular products that are sold online are beauty products. Simply because they are light and can be shipped basically anywhere in the world, some of them may be fragile but it of course has to be wrapped properly. The only problem with buying beauty products online is that you can’t actually test it on your face or skin. It is actually great to shop for beauty products online but only if you’ve actually tried out the products you’re getting. If you haven’t, there are certain chances that you might actually have some kind of an allergic reaction to it. So it is highly advisable to just buy the products that you’ve actually used before, and just get the new products you’d like to try when you go to the physical store.


It is never recommended to buy your prescriptions online, simply because, no matter how advanced the technology of the browsers and internet is, it can never have a Ph.D. on its name, so when it comes to your meds, it’s best to let your doctor, who is the only rightful person, to give you prescriptions.


Now this is more like self-explanatory, when you get a perfume, you would of course would want to smell it yourself since that’s what you’re going to use it. So if you get it online, without knowing what it smells like, you might just be wasting your money because there is a big chance that you’re not going to like it, so it’s highly advisable to just get fragrances at the shop.


Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, and Givenchy, these are just some world’s famous luxury fashion brands and buying them online is a big no. If you’re planning on investing on these designer bags, shoes, accessories, make sure to simply go to the store and get them there yourself, because getting them online is a little dangerous, especially if you’re getting it from a non-trusted site. There are a lot of imitations these days especially in places like China and Hong Kong. With a bit of photo editing, they could literally make it look like it is legit. So don’t try to waste your money and simply get what you need from the physical store.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to online shopping. Share your to us by leaving a comment.

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