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Celebrities Who Are Still Alive And Not Planning Their Retirement Just Yet


Brigitte Bardot – 86


When Brigitte Bardot was a little girl she had dreams of being a famous ballerina. When she grew a little older though, she decided acting was what she wanted to pursue. And we’re glad she did! Brigitte became an amazing actress and appeared in over 40 movies during her career! She also did some modelling and singing alongside her acting. During her prime, it became obvious that her and fellow Hollywood star Sophia Loren were butting heads. They became rivals in the industry, especially since they were both beautiful, talented and the exact same age. Brigitte was incredibly successful and built herself a net worth of $65 million. Since retiring, Brigitte lives a more subdued life out of the bright lights of Hollywood and spends her time petitioning for animal rights.

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