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Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But They Are Not Planning Their Retirement Just Yet

Erin Murphy – 55

Erin Murphy is an actress that was famous for her role as Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched. Firstly she shared the role with Diane but later she played the role solely. Her role made her a famous star that she appeared in 100 commercials and guess-starred in Lassie. She also hosted a few television shows. She was also featured in the Life Interrupted in 2017. After the series ended, job offers kept on coming but Erin decided to turn them down. She is still an actress to this day but very choosy on what she will work on. Erin now is a beauty, fashion and luxury lifestyle writer. She stated that she wants to focus on her family and friends instead. Erin also enjoys traveling once in a while in her spare time.


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