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Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But They Are Not Planning Their Retirement Just Yet

Celebrities come and go over the years, and we often forget about stars we used to love and idolize at one time during our lives. Sometimes, we even regard them as ‘dead’ if we haven’t heard about them in a while! However, you may be surprised to hear that some of the greatest actors, singers, and other well-known public personalities are still very much alive and kicking! That’s why we’ve come up with this list to figure out who is still working or enjoying life in the next chapter of their lives – in retirement.

Sean Connery – 89

Sean Connery is one of our favorite James Bond actors and even as he ages, he remains one of the most handsome men we know. The numerous films that cast him as a heartthrob cemented his on-screen status as a ladies man until he decided to leave it all behind. Connery confirmed that he had gone into retirement in 2006, explaining that he was enjoying the next chapter of his life. However, he made a comeback as a voice actor, lending his vocal skills as James Bond for the EA Games version of From Russia with Love and again in 2010, for Sir Billi.

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