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Top 8 Of The Richest Celebrities

Singers, actors and professional athletes – these are the wealthiest celebrities in the world.
For this list, we have chosen to present only performers, so no managerial role celebrities like Michael Jordan or Oprah are on the list. But, even though there are no billionaires here, between royalty payments, insane salaries and endorsement deals, net worths of these people have skyrocketed into hundreds of millions.

8. Mel Gibson (61years old) – $400 million net worth

Born in New York, raised in Australia, Mel started his acting career when he attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. After he graduated in 1977, he landed his first role in the film Summer City for a paycheck of $400. After that, his career only moved upwards and he made a name for himself. He is famous for his roles in the Lethal Weapon, the Mad Max trilogy, and Braveheart.


7. Johnny Depp (54 years old) – $440 million net worth

This star once tried to pursue a music career, and that attempt really didn’t catch on, luckily for us. His first big role was in A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. After that, his career went sky high when Depp became friends with Tim Burton. Films that brought him fame are Edward Scissorhands, Chocolate, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

6. Beyonce (35 years old) – $470 million net worth

Born and raised in Houston, this lady with a powerful voice started as a part of an all-female pop group Destiny’s Child. Since then, she built an amazing solo career and dominated the previous decade with her hits like Crazy in Love and Single Ladies. But, she is not earning millions just from her albums – she also piled up endorsements from companies like L’Oreal, made her own clothing line House of Dereon, and she starred in several movies, including Dreamgirls from 2006.

5. LeBron James (32 years old) – $600 million net worth

This Ohio native is the youngest person on this list. LeBron started his NBA career as soon as he got out of high school. Even though this three-time NBA champ has been among the highest paid players ever since he entered the league, the greatest part of his fortune actually comes from the endorsements. He has endorsement deals with companies like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Nike, and Coca-Cola. Just to paint a better picture – he got a lifetime deal with Nike which can end up being worth more than $1 billion.

4. Paul McCartney (75 years old) – $690 million net worth

This singer-songwriter ‘conquered’ America in the 1960s as a member of the Beatles, one of the most famous bands of all time. They experienced incredible global success before they split, which caused McCartney to go into solo waters in which he’s been swimming comfortably for decades now. With 700 million total albums sold, he really has a musical legacy behind him.

3. Celine Dion (49 years old) – $700 million net worth

This Canadian-born songstress has been building her fortune for nearly four decades. She was discovered at the age 12 by her manager, and later husband, late Rene Angelil. Her first album was released in 1981, and she has sold millions of albums worldwide since. Ever since the movie Titanic, there is probably not a person in the world who doesn’t know her name or the words of her song Your Heart Will Go On.

2. Tiger Woods (41 years old) – $900 million net worth

This incredible athlete showed an affinity for golf from a very young age, competing as a 19-year-old in the 1995 Masters Tournament. He got his big victory at this tournament mere two years later when he trounced the competition by a record 12 strokes. At 24 he became the youngest person ever to win all four major golf titles, and after that, endorsements made sure that he became one of the richest athletes ever. Nike, Gatorade, Buick, Gillette – these are companies responsible for his immense wealth.

1. Madonna (59 years old) – $910 million net worth

This lady is a living legend of music, and she has been building her lucrative career in music and on film for over three decades. The Queen of Pop had had her first No.1 Billboard album Like a Virgin released in 1984, and it catapulted her into the global stardom. At the moment, she is the highest grossing solo touring artist in history, and her combined ticket sales topped $1,3 billion. We cannot say that all of her earning come from music – some are from her teenage fashion line Material Girl and high-end fitness chain Hard Candy Fitness.

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