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Surprising Celebrity Hookups You Did Not Know About

Hollywood entertainment industry shines with its celebrities that are incredibly desirable. That’s because they’re more attractive in the limelight and are wealthier with a higher status. Whether it lasts long or a few days, we can never get enough of celebrity love stories. But did you know any of these love stories? While these celebrity relationships didn’t last long, we’re sure of the reason – weirdest hookups ever! These stars broke all rules of love away and tried the strangest relationships ever.

Here’s a list of your favorite stars with their surprising relationships and break up stories.

1. Kim Kardashian and Nick Lachey

Well yes, it did happen and you don’t have to rub your eyes. This relationship failed to last long for one of the uncommon reasons we see today – Kim using association with Lachey to climb the ladder of success. She was found telling the media that her date with Lachey was the first time paparazzi took any interest in her. Whatever the case is, this couple was clearly not meant to be.

2. Tom Cruise and Cher

Giggles! You’re not the only ones to discover this for the first time. Cher revealed during one of her interviews that Cruise was one of her top 5 former lovers. The fling between the Mission Impossible Star and the Goddess of Pop Believe singer happened back in the 80s. We believe Cher went hard to handle for Tom Cruise and the relationship ended fairly well.


3. Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong

Who knows what Ashley was thinking while dating a 15 years older shamed older cyclist, Lance Armstrong. This duo went intimate in 2007 in a bar in New York City where they drank and fell in love. However, the couple could not last long together. Do you think dating senior guys flows in blood? Maybe it’s a twin-thing as Mary Kate got married to Oliver Sarkozy, a French banker who is 17 years older than her.


4. Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner

We guess 2012 was the year of these unexpected relationships that did not last long. Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s older brother The Hills star Brody Jenner and Skaterboy pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne bonded and we never knew. The two had to drift apart and the reason seems that Avril was all good to settle in a married life while the other party wasn’t ready for this.


5. Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna

The Unfaithful singer got lucky with Two and a Half Men’s actor Ashton Kutcher back in the year of unusual love stories – 2012. Kutcher was on the verge of his separation with Demi Moore when this couple made up. The romance lasted for 8 weeks only and we wonder if it was a drive to move on. Ashton soon started dating his long-distance friend Mila Kunis with whom he now has a family with 2 children.


6. 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler

This couple split up unfortunately in 2010. Their relationship could not last long while the connection between them was adorable. 50 Cent publically admitted on his Instagram that he had been crazy about the “uncontrollable” side of This Means War’s comedian actress Chelsea Handler and Chelsea was found speaking of him as a really nice and sweet guy. Seems like the current flicked but external forces were strong enough to split the circuits.

Rumors say that the breakup was a result of his ex, singer Ciara’s constant calls!


7. Eminem and Mariah Carey

The relationship that we never knew why it happened had a really tragic end with much more hate stories in store for us. The two stars, Pop Diva Mariah Carey and Rapper Eminem never said beautiful things about each other after the split. The hatred can be traced through Eminem’s song titled as The Warning that deliberately had the details of their intimate life with some words we wouldn’t want to associate to. We believe this couple must have ended their relationship for both parties’ well-being.


8. Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane

Game of Thrones actress and Queen of the Dragons – Emilia Clarke and the creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane, had been dating for just six months back in 2012. The romance was deliberate and public when they were spotted on the roads of Los Angeles. Reportedly, their breakup was the result of their busy schedules. After realizing they had almost zero quality time together, they eventually split. Too bad it didn’t last!

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