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This Royal Photographer Shares What It’s Like To Be Around The Royal Family

One of the best inventions Man has ever made, is a device that could capture moments to keep forever. It is like having the ability to capture memories, these help the mind remember things it couldn’t remember itself. In this modern world we are currently in, anyone who has a mobile phone or a camera could capture memories that they would want to keep. The rich and famous people are no different, no matter what your status may be in life, you can do this. There are even some who does this for a living.

Photographers are known for taking the most beautiful photos, but there are photographers who are actually lucky enough to take photos of not so ordinary people. The Royal Family of Great Britain has got to be the most popular royalties of today, and the world sees them through the media and all the photos that gets published, unless of course you’re some kind of diplomat or something.


Chris Jackson is known to be one of the world most widely published ‘royal photographers’. That has got to be such a pride for him to put on his resume. He managed to get into the scene and capture some of the most memorable moments of the British royal family, such as Prince William and Kate’s wedding, Prince George’s first day of school, Princess Charlotte’s Christening, and more.

He actually covers for one of the world’s biggest photo services, Getty Images. Jackson managed to work with the royal family for private family photos, royal tours and more. He had been working with them for more about a decade which makes them build their trust when it comes to releasing only the photos that the royals wish the people to see. He even stated that to he aims to “create a unique archive of the British royal family in the best possible way I can.”


Royal photographer, Chris Jackson, with Prince Harry at the Stories of Hope Exhibition in London.

Jackson managed to take one step closer to the royal family because despite being their official royal photographer, he also married Duchess Kate’s royal stylist, Natasha Archer. However, people always wonder, what exactly is it like to be a royal photographer?


Jackson has spent numerous occasions with the different member of the royal family, whether it is at home, or traveling across the world. He also managed to take official photographs of the Queen herself. Jackson said in an interview that, “Photographing the Queen is one of my favorite parts of the job. It’s a real privilege.”

He got the chance to come with her while she visited different countries such as Canada, Abu Dhabi, as well as the United States. When asked what it’s like to take photos of one of the most respected leaders in the world, this is what he said, “There is a reassuring consistency to the Queen’s behavior, with the minimal interaction with media or feedback makes the job all the more challenging and exciting.”

Jackson also mentioned that taking photos of the royal family is way more different than just taking photos of celebrities. That is because when he takes photos of the royal family, it is like being a part of history. Just like how he took part in the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Another part of his job actually involves working one-on-one with the members of the royal family themselves, just like working with the youngest prince’s fourth birthday, as well as his first day of school alongside with his dad, Prince William.


Jackson mentioned how he really likes working with the royal family, especially with the Queen whom he described as ‘elegant and authoritative’. He said that “Every member of the royal family is different to capture on camera and enjoyable for different reasons. You become familiar with their nuances and personalities over the years.”

He also explained how different it is working with the younger royals, “There is a lot of formality in the royal family, and that’s what makes them the royal family and what gives it a sense of history,” he said. “With the younger members being involved in charities people really appreciate the genuine moments, and that’s a real priority for me to try to capture those.”

It must have been great to be the one capturing memorable moments for the royal family. One thing is for sure, Jackson, along with the other people who are also working side by side with the royal family sure are loyal to the royals, because their jobs may seem so prestigious, and yet it also means they must be responsible and reliable with royal standards.

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