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The Richest Golfers Of 2016

Golf is the sport that has the highest payouts within the sporting world and is played widely throughout the world. It is popularly believed that golf is only played by the rich despite the game having gained prominence in the world of sport. Rather than being a sport played only by the rich it has presently become a sport which only increases the numbers of rich within the world. Professional golf players earn plenty of money from the sport and various endorsement deals.

This is a list of the richest golfers of 2016. 

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]My mom and dad worked very hard to give me the best chance in – not just in golf but in life. You know, I was an only child, you know, my dad worked three jobs at one stage. My mom worked night shifts in a factory. ~Rory McIlroy [/su_quote]

Greg Norman

Greg Norman is a professional golf player from Australia and is an active participant in the PGA and the European tours. he has won PGA visit titles 20 times and European tour titles without a break for 14 times. His earnings from endorsements are $14 million and his of course income is $17 million. He is trying in the 10th position for the richest golf players for 2016.

Ernie Els

Ernie is a South African golf player who has won 19 PGA visit titles apart from 28 European visit titles. In 2000 and 2004 he was the runner-up in the Master’s tournament. He has acted earnings of $14,689,536 and is placed ninth in the list of richest golfers for 2016.

Adam Scott

Adam Scott is an Australian who was crowned the champion of the PGAs T-3 position in 2006. Adam has succeeded in winning 11 PGA visit titles along with three European music titles. In 2008 he won the bosses competition title and is total earnings of $15.64 million from tours and endorsements place him in the eighth position of the richest golfers.

Gary Player

Gary player is another South African who actively participates in PGA and European visits. He has succeeded in winning 73 sunshine tour titles apart from 24 PGA titles and has a reputation of earning from tournaments and endorsements. His income from endorsements exceed by far is earnings on the golf course. These combined wages are $16 million which places him in the seventh position.

Rory McElroy

Northern Ireland is the origin of Rory McElroy who has won nine PGA and nine European visit titles. He won the U.S. Open title in 2011 and is as well the winner of the open championship label during the year 2011. His total earnings amount to $20.6 million placing him in the sixth position of the richest golfers.

Henrik Stenson

Henrik is a Swedish golfer who has won eight European and four PGA tour titles and was the second runner-up in the PGA during the years 2013 and 2014. He has occupied the T 14 position within the U.S. Open championship in 2014 and the runner up off the open championship in 2013. His total income of $21.44 million put him in the fifth position of the richest golfers.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is the American who has won 10 champion tour titles during his career and also has an astounding 73 PGA Tour titles to his name. He has taken the open titles four times and is also a four-time U.S. Open champion. Jack Nicklaus has total earnings of $26 million and holds the number four position among the richest golfers of the year.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is from America and has won two European tour titles along with 64 PGA Tour titles. He also has the U.S. Open title to his credit which he won in 1960 and the open championship title for the year 2013. With total earnings of $40 million, Arnold Palmer holds the third position of the richest golfers of 2016.

Phil Mickelson

Phil is another American who has 42 PGA Tour titles and nine European tour titles to his credit. he has won the Master’s tournament for the years 2004, 2006 and 2010. He also has the PGA title for 2005. His total income of $52 million puts him in the second position within the list of the richest golfers of 2016.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is acknowledged as one of the richest athletes throughout the world and this American to school 40 European tour and 79 PGA Tour titles. he has also won the champion of Masters tournament. Tiger Woods is the leader among the list of richest golfers of 2016 with earnings of $700 million.

As it can be seen golf is not just a pass time of the rich but is a game which can increase the numbers of rich people around the world.

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