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Jim Carrey Responds To Lawsuit Holding Him Responsible For Ex-Girlfriend’s Suicide

Jim Carrey Alleges Extortion By Brigid Sweetman And Mark Burton.

Hollywood comedian Jim Carrey is disputing accusations that he is responsible for the suicide of his former girlfriend Cathriona White. The accusations have been made by Brigid Sweetman her mother and her husband Mark Burton who have blamed Carrey for Cathriona’s demise in 2015 and are suing him.

Raymond Boucher the attorney for Carrey has filed an explosive cross-complaint on Friday claiming that the lawsuit isn’t anything but an attempt to take advantage of the public vulnerability of a famous personality. His attorney has gone ahead to mention that a group of lawyers are willing to represent people into making misleading allegations which are solely designed to coerce famous personalities to settle litigation and avoid embarrassment from the public by making highly embellished claims.

The attorney for Carrey wasn’t just referring to the lawsuit presently in hand. According to the cross-complaint filed Carrey himself had been extorted by White a few years ago with help being provided by a friend and attorney Filippo Marchino. The duo had threatened allegations against Carrey in 2013 in the press demanding that White be paid millions because Carrey allegedly infected White with herpes I and II.

Family involvement

Brigid Sweetman And Cathriona White Pictured Together.

Boucher has further claimed that White and Marchino were both aware that the allegations would affect the career of Jim Carrey and were certain that their demands would be settled out of court instead of engaging in a protracted and expensive public spat. Jim Carrey just as famous personalities in his position do, give in to the demands and settle the matter privately with White and her lawyer.

The relationship between Carrey and White was tumultuous from the very beginning. White was an illegal immigrant in the country when the two began dating in summer 2012 and didn’t even have a steady income. Whites father passed away in fall because of brain cancer and she wasn’t in a position to travel to Ireland for the funeral because of her status as an illegal immigrant.

The Lawsuit Against Jim Carrey.

White began pressurizing Carrey to marry her ever since the passing away of her father states Boucher who also mentions that the actor considered the proposal and even had a prenuptial agreement drafted by an attorney before concluding he could not go through with it. However, Carrey continued to support her financially and also helped her to retain an immigration attorney for assistance to obtain legal residency. Carrey was however met with resistance because White continued to push the idea of marriage and even sent him text messages asking whether the name “Cathriona Anne Carrey” sounded suitable. It was at this point that the actor decided to ask her to ease off causing bitterness because she believed his decision was a rejection. The duo, however, continued to date and Carrey supported her financially for trying to pursue a career as a photographer. It was only in 2013 that the relationship was ended because of the pressure to marry kept mounting.

What happened when Carrey and White broke up?

Mark Burton, the estranged husband of Cathrina White.

The response to the breakup was an alleged suicide attempt by White despite evidence strongly suggesting that the claim was a fabrication. Quite a few friends of White along with her therapist were given information about the alleged attempt but White received no help from them despite being provided with the information.

White moved to Las Vegas some days later where her marriage with Burton was solemnized but Carrey has contended that the marriage was solely for the purpose of obtaining residency in the country and that Burton was paid $30,000 for the convenience. The cross-complaint filed by Boucher makes no mention of any information being provided to Carrey about the wedding or the suicide attempts.

The claims of STDs came thereafter after White had a wax job which caused and bumps on parts of her body. White had texted the actor about the bumps and mentioned she was concerned about STDs before visiting a doctor and being informed that she was clean. The couple reconciled for a brief period before deciding to split again after Valentines. The demands from Marchino on her behalf amounting to millions to keep the STD claims under wraps began soon after their split. Carrey has claimed that White and her attorney were aware that she had herpes from the time before she met him but they continued to extort money from him unlawfully according to the latest filing.

Jim Carrey is presently suing the X Law group and Marchino for extortion and implied indemnity and has also included Sweetman into the lawsuit alleging that a traumatic childhood was the cause of Whites depression. The actor has also stated that he was wrong in settling claims against him by Marchino on behalf of White because it would have been costly to mount a public defense. The actor has claimed that he is not willing to give in to the fraudulent charges again for the allegations made by Burton, and Sweetman. He has also mentioned that he holds a place of empathy and forgiveness for Cathriona and that he will continue to focus on the many blessings in his life.

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