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How We Could All Relate To ‘The Office’

The Office is one of the most hilarious shows recent years. It’s a great show that lasted from 2005 up until 2013, for 9 seasons with 201 episodes. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you’re certainly missing out. With it’s funny and relatable characters, outrageous story, and continuous jokes, makes it one of the funniest shows and certainly a must watch. While watching, you’ll feel like you know someone exactly like the characters and can even relate to them in your real life. It feels like you’re one of the employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and a part of this ridiculous and funny story.

The Lovable Idiot

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The Incompetent But Lovable Boss

Michael Scott played by the hilarious comedian Steve Carell is one of the main characters of the show. Michael is the Regional Manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. He isn’t doing a very good job, but he’s certainly trying his best. Everyone knows a Michael in their life; a socially awkward person that always seems to get dragged into the worst and funniest situations. He or she is one of the most socially awkward persons you know. They may not be always reliable in the traditional sense of the word, but they will be there for you when it counts. You can always count on them to embarrass themselves, and maybe even you some times. Even though they he has his flaws, he’s certainly a lovable idiot.

The Prank Wars

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Love-Hate Friendship

Jim Halpert is a young and charismatic salesman that is sort of like the cool guy of the office. Dwight Schrute is a salesman and the Assistant to the Regional Manager (which is a made up title created by Michael). Dwight is annoying know-it-all that constantly gets on everyone’s nerves, that’s why Jim constantly pranks Dwight which is one of the most hilarious things on the show. It’s just like when we were in school, and the class clown always bullies the awkward kid who is actually really annoying. They may have had their differences over the years and even fight a lot but in a way, they are like best friends.

Relationship Goals

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly started out as friends with an obvious attraction to each other. Jim has always loved Pam and has waited even though she was engaged to someone else. He did his best in order to get her even though Pam was always trying to tell herself that she only sees Jim as a friend. In the end, they realized that they were meant for each other, and we could all see it too. They are the genuine love that everyone wants to have. They are made for each other and every girl wants a guy that will love her like Jim loves Pam. They are relationship goals that everyone wishes they can have. So even though the person you’re secretly in love with is dating someone else right now, don’t give up. If you’re meant to be, then you’ll find a way.

The Guy Everyone Hates For No Apparent Reason

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Everybody Hates The HR for no reason

Toby Flenderson is the HR representative in the office, that’s why he seems to be hated by the others even if he’s just doing his job. Michael has admitted that he hates Toby and can’t stand to be around him, and is often picking on him. Even the other guys in the office tend to find him annoying. It just makes you feel bad for him, even though he is never really doing anything wrong and just doing his job. It’s still pretty hilarious though.

The Forbidden Love

 Dwight and Angela were the couples that you didn’t expect at first and became a shock when they first hooked up. They have had a secret affair for a long time but having a real relationship didn’t seem to work out. They both dated other people, and Angela even became pregnant which they thought was the senator’s child. Dwight eventually found out that he was the father, and they were no longer able to deny their love for one another. They were the couple that doesn’t seem to be a good match for each other but loves each other very much, so when they ended up with each other, it made us all very happy.

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