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Goodbye Private Planes; Hello Private Tanks: Billionaires Invest On Doomsday Vehicles

As an average citizen living a normal mediocre life, you would often wonder how exactly do billionaires spend their money. They must probably have the most expensive clothes, gadgets, mansions and a lot of other properties, but then they just keep on having more and more money to spend, even if they help out a lot of charities, there is just no way for them to spend all their money in their lifetime because there is just too much of it.


Michael and Geoff Howe of Howe and Howe Technologies

It turns out that extremely wealthy people are already preparing for ‘doomsday’. It is definitely a good way to spend your money on, that is why billionaires are getting their hands on tanks. Yes, tanks, as in those vehicles that the military use when they are in a midst of a war. If you actually think about it, having a tank is way more ideal than having a lot of luxurious cars, private planes and such. Those vehicles wouldn’t help you survive if ever a war has started, that is why rich people are getting their hands on tanks.


According to military experts, Michael and Geoff Howe, who specializes in outfitting the wealthy with these tanks from Howe and Howe Technologies, rich people actually prefer swanky tanks, one of the reasons is that they can actually plow over any terrain, such as sand, snow, and even mud. However, unlike most people think, billionaires don’t really get these luxurious tanks for show, because these tanks are not just designed to look like a tank, they are in fact, military-grade and some of them are indestructible. The Howe brothers shared some information to an episode of CNBC’s “The Filthy Rich Guide”


Their very first ever designed signature tank is in 2001 unmanned Ripsaw, which was made for the U.S. Military. It runs 60 miles per hour and is considered as the fastest dual-track vehicle in the world. The U.S. army then started to get their tanks from the Howe brothers like the fact that that was asked to develop a weaponized version that can work on both manned and unmanned operations. However, these are not just exclusive for the army, it is also now commercially available with its 16 inches of suspension travel that comes with an amazing 1,500 horsepower.


There is a reason why billionaires are the only ones who can get their hands on these tanks, except for the army of course. The reason is that these tanks are definitely not cheap. A basic model of the Ripsaw EV2 cost around $495,000 for a single seat, $545,000 for two seats, and $595,000 for four seats. These are just prices for the basic ones. Of course, billionaires don’t settle for less, that is why they spend a lot more money on extra amenities such as infrared thermal imaging for a better night vision, as well as the increased speed to armor plating. One of their tanks was even featured in the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise.



According to Howe brothers, the extra amenities that billionaires usually go for could cost about twice the price of the tanks. “Out clients tend to be the richest people in the world, they’re literally billionaires,” the Michael and Geoff Howe stated. One of their clients is the crown prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.


You might be thinking, as an ordinary citizen, are you allowed to actually purchase a tank for protection? According to former Vice President of the United States, the 2nd amendment and the 1st amendment aren’t actually absolute when it comes to background checks on guns. If powerful billionaires, as well as politicians, can own tanks, then ordinary rich people who could definitely afford can have their own tanks as well. So the answer is yes, you can definitely own, only if you could afford it of course.

There is one ultimate rule for owning a tank though, the firing system, as well as its guns, must all be deactivated. There are more rules that you must know depending on where you are from. If you wish to own one then you must get your bank ready because they are definitely far from being cheap.

Looks like any other luxury vehicle is overrated for billionaires now, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the next thing they would want to have is a submarine.

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