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Fly First Class For Free With These MAGIC WORDS

Flying all over the world is part of education and exposure but this can be cumbersome for some, who may find it difficult to embark on a journey by air due to high ticket fare. However, determination and emergency cases may force you to look for money by all means. While some people will try to get economic class inside airplanes, some will pay exorbitantly for an upper-class seat. We now learn it can be gotten for free, like Tilly Bagshawe usually does.

Tilly Bagshawe usually gets a free ticket for the first-class flights.

Tilly is an author with the British origin and also an expatriate. She has won herself the reputation of being a bestselling author, according to a report by New York Times. In a special chat with the journalists, the talented celebrity confessed that she travels a lot around the world and her average distance of flight per year is not less than 101,000 miles. She also admitted that she never for once purchased a ticket for a first class flight section before.

Rather, she has the password for making use of air distance to earn an advance, and the password is just three easy words that are easy to remember: and they are ‘manage the revenue.’ Tilly said these words are very sure to give her whatever she wants as a traveler.

You can say that Tilly has the secrets to getting a successful flight deal!

Tilly Bagshawe excitedly told journalists that she normally travel by air and her distance is estimated at about 101,000 miles every year. She always gets lucky to earn herself free first class seat without paying a dime for it, since she usually purchases tickets for economy class. All she has to do is to say the three magic words.

You just need to learn three simple words to get a free ticket.

Naturally, earning upgrades is difficult, because even if air miles are part of your purchases, planes are most times cautious and tight-fisted when it’s time to give out some advances. Gone are the days when you can get upgrades while standing at check-in points because you dress perfectly gorgeous and smart.

Tilly gets whatever she desires, with Virgin Atlantic Airline, her choicest airline which gives her the ease of flight.

Her tactics are just to say the three magic passcodes ‘manage the revenue’. Manage the revenue is an obscure department that is not too visible to the public’s eye, and Tilly said the department can be compared to one popular club for flyers. The club is vested with the responsibility of making available a profitable flight for its members.

Here is how best to go about it, according to Tilly.

Put a call through to the agents responsible for reservations and ask if revenue managers have issued out some upper-class spaces for a distance of miles. If the agents reply no, Tilly says, request that they check for you or if possible, they should redirect you to the department of revenue resources, maybe they can tell you when the issuance will start and if maybe they can tell you the number of seats that are still vacant. Tilly further said that callers should be respectful throughout the conversation, then ask them that if there are 20 vacant seats yet to be sold, why are the seats left unoccupied or why is the management hoarding the tickets? Most times, you’ll get a reply after your question that some of the seats will be issued out for you, or you could get something like, “call us tomorrow at the same time, we will give you feedback.”

Manage the revenue are three magic words for the free ticket.

So that is all you need to succeed, says Tilly.

In order to verify the author’s claim, Virgin Atlantic was contacted for confirmation, and to know if truly such tactics are reliable for those who might also want to give it a try. In response to these inquiries, one of the spokespersons for the airline who is a female explained that every year, the aviation company usually issues out numerous seats as a form of rewards to their clients and members of their club of Fliers, in a bid to appreciate their patronage. She further said that prospective and existing clients also have the opportunity to check Virgin Atlantic’s official website and their customer care offices or hotlines, for more information on how to get one free seat.

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