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Could Dwayne Johnson Become the New US President in 2020? The Odds Might Be in His Favor

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is many things all at once – he is a former wrestler, a doting father to his kids, a loving partner to Lauren Hashian, and a stellar actor in different genres. But, the multihyphenate personality may soon add “president of the country” on his resume and people are here for it.

In fact, they are the ones urging the hunk to run for the position in the next national elections as prompted by the celebrity’s statements that hinted he wants to dip his toes into politics.


Rumors started in 2016 after the Washington Post published an article about the matter, which The Rock mentioned in an interview with British GQ.

He referred to the sound of being a governor or the president as alluring and that it could be a great way to create an impact on a lot of lives, however, he has to do a lot of things first before he finally ventures into the path. Four years have passed, making people wonder if he had done what he said he needed to do.

Mauna Kea Mountain protest

The clamor for Dwayne to run recently got louder again after his guest stint at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The actor appeared on the show to promote his latest film Hobbs & Shaw, the first stand-alone of the Fast & Furious franchise.

The Rock danced and chanted along with locals during the protest

So things got to a light start but turned serious when the host asked the former WWE star about the protests in Hawaii against the building of a massive telescope in Mauna Kea mountain, which a lot of natives regard as sacred.

During the demonstration, Dwayne said that the dormant mountain is a representation of Hawaii and he joined others as they danced and chanted during a ceremony.

The 47-year-old star is part Samoan and once attended an Oahu high school. At the time, he shared that what really ignited the will to join the protest was the arrest of the local elders called kupana.

Trivia: Did you know that famous YouTuber Bretman Rock also took time to support the cause by spreading awareness?

Makeup Guru and YouTuber Bretman Rock used his voice and platform to spread awareness on the matter


Moving Statement

Explaining his decision, the Jumanji actor pointed out that this was more than the case of a giant telescope, rather this was about humanity — building something on a mountain that locals view as a church and therefore it’s about the people’s hearts that are getting hurt.

It’s a different story when you hurt people, he elucidated, because it’s an indication that you need to stop. Furthermore, the Rampage star encouraged everyone to be empathetic and considerate of others and more importantly, to take care of people.

After his speech on humanity, a lot of people expressed support should he run for the presidency

His profound and compassionate statement moved mountains and obviously won the hearts of a lot of people. This didn’t just earn him more fans but also reignited those presidency rumors swirling years ago, with most of his supporters taking it to social media to air their pledge for the celebrity.

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