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Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio Donate Millions Of Dollars For Hurricane Harvey Survivors

A few weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey, which was considered to be the first major hurricane to hit the United States in 2005, ruined homes and businesses in some parts of Texas and Louisiana. It was reported to have lasted for about four days, that resulted to severe floods that affected thousands of Americans. During these rough moments, some of the most notable people tend to come out and lend a helping hand. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have raised some funds and donated some of their hard-earned money to help out their fellow Americans who need their help so badly. Keep reading to find out who are these celebrities are.


Aerial view of flooded homes on Aug. 29 in Spring, Texas


The Associated Press have recently reported that there have been at least 70 people who died because of this hurricane, and this is according to the city and county officials of both Texas and Louisiana. The latest death was reported by emergency officials that include a lineman who had been electrocuted while working to restore the electricity around Bloomington.


Trees have fallen across the road in the midst of Hurrince Irma passing through Miami, Florida on September 10

Another Hurricane is about to ruin Florida after making such a massive hit over the Caribbean. Gov. Rick Scott released a statement saying that this is indeed a life-threatening situation and there are huge chances of storm surges. That is why millions of people are already evacuating the said state as soon as they can.


Taylor Swift just recently got back from taking a break from the music scene, and with the hurricane hitting the country, sources said that the singer generously made a sizable donation to the Houston Food Bank in honor of her mother who is actually a graduate of University of Houston back in the day.

Another singer who grew also grew up from the south, made sure that she would do something to help. Miley Cyrus announced that she will be donating half a million dollars to hurricane relief. Cyrus stated in an interview with Ellen that she simply couldn’t imagine herself losing everything she has including her family, check out her interview with Ellen in the video below.


Beyoncé also tweeted how devastated she was to the tragedy that happened in her hometown. She pledges to helps as many as they can.

Singer Demi Lovato tweeted that she will be donating $50,000 and are teaming up with friends, Nick and Joe Jonas to raise fund for the hurricane relief.
Musicians are not the only ones who are donating, but also award-winning actors like Leonardo DiCaprio who pledged $1 million to the United Way Harvey Recovery Fun. As well as actor and wrestler, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who will be donating $25,000 to Red Cross.


Comedian Kevin Hart may have pledged $25,000 for the hurricane relief and another $50,000 to Red Cross, but he also jump started a celebrity fund on Instagram by challenging other celebrities to donate and it is called the “Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge” however, everyone is of course free to donate by simply going to Crowdrise, and so far it has raised about $500,000.


Another hurricane is about to hit another U.S. which is Florida, and according to their governor, Rick Scott, they called for about 17,000 volunteers for Red Cross. These celebrities have lots of fortune to share, but ordinary people like you could also help out by simply volunteering. Red Cross is still accepting volunteers in Florida, Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, to help with this another disaster that might be worse than the first one, so if you want to volunteer, simply visit the Red Cross official website. Some state shelters are also looking for volunteers and simply apply through Volunteer Florida’s website. There are plenty of fund-raising events and charitable institutions who are helping out those who are affected by the hurricane, any amount of money will make a difference.

At a times like this, humanity must become the best of you. Helping those who have been hurt in any possible way you can. These celebrities earn millions of dollars, but no matter how rich they may be, their influence to encourage people to help out those who were affected by the hurricane are more powerful than any other amount of money.

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