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YouTube Vegan Celebrity Dead With Cancer

It’s no secret that there’s a constant division of dieters in the health and fitness industry, with the meat lovers who love to eat steaks, red and white meat and enjoy milk as well as other dairy products opposed to those dieters with strict regimen where they only want to eat plant-based food. The latter type of dieter is also known as the vegetarians and aside from the fact that eating plant-based foods is healthy and has no health complications, it can also save the lives of the animals treated as our livestock.

This way, we’re also promoting advocacy on equality of the animal’s rights to live and not get killed brutally. There’s been a constant war between vegans and meat lovers not only on their diet regimen but also on life principles. Recently, the health and fitness industry was once again taken by a storm when the news about a popular Youtube Vegan superstar dying of cancer! How did she end up having cancer when she was eating healthy, as the vegans claimed? Let us unveil the secret behind this shocking news!

Popular Youtube Vegan Superstar Died From Cancer!

The popular Youtube Vegan celebrity figure was known as Mari Lopez who run a Youtube Channel along with her niece named Liz Johnson. Together, they establish the Youtube channel known as Mari and Liz, publishing vlogs and giving out tips on how to live a vegan lifestyle. They also share healthy vegan recipes that are delicious and their astounding 11,761 Youtube subscribers surely enjoy. Aside from promoting the vegan lifestyle, they’re also promoting restoring our faith in God. Mari is a former member of the LGBT community but she stated she left it after being healed from a previous diagnosis of cancer.

Mari shared her experience in a Youtube video entitled “Cancer Transformation FAQ” on how drinking the lemon-ginger concocted drink had helped her remove the inflammation she experienced in her body. While she experienced a significant food withdrawal during her 90-day juice cleanse, she said that it was still the best change she did for her life. At first, she felt horrible and felt like her body had caught the flu because of the sudden change. But as the days passed by, she could feel how the detox juice was washing away all the toxins in her body. When she went to the doctors for her next checkup, she revealed that the doctors were appalled to see that her cancer was gone and that she didn’t need to undergo the cancer treatment.

Marie Shared Her Experience About the Miracle That Happened To Her

Marie Shared Her Experience About the Miracle That Happened To Her

How Mari’s Natural Vegan Transformation Went Downhill

After her miraculous transformation and healing, Mari started promoting being vegan and being a servant of God for more than a year now. She also revealed how the faith of God had urged her to go to the fruit and vegetable section of a grocery store. She said that she made peace with food and that’s the secret of her cure. However, just as Mari had anticipated that this will be the start of her healthy lifestyle, her niece, Liz, revealed that her journey went downhill from there.

Mari and Liz on Their Vegan Youtube Channel

Mari and Liz on Their Vegan Youtube Channel

When Mari started living in her niece’s home, her principle of vegan lifestyle clashed with that of her mom. Liz revealed that while she was a vegan herself, her family, particularly her mom, was not familiar of the said diet. Her mom would urge Mari to eat meat. Moreover, her mom loves to cook meat foods using the microwave, which was the primary cause of cancer illness. Liz claims that these lethal combinations were what led her aunt’s ultimate downfall and demise.

Mari Went Back From Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and This Time, She Didn’t Escape Her Inevitable Fate

A few months later, Mari was diagnosed with breast cancer once again. She told Liz to remover her Youtube videos stating how veganism had cured her cancer, especially since this may seem contradictory considering she’s going to die from cancer. Not to mention she dreaded the number of hateful messages and mockery she’ll get from their subscribers. However, Liz refused to do so because she still believed in the power of veganism.

Liz Sharing the Real Story Behind her Aunt's Controversial Death

Liz Sharing the Real Story Behind her Aunt’s Controversial Death

Liz had disabled the comments on their Channel since her aunt’s death. She released a video sharing the real story of Mari and her death, and that they were not trying to mislead people into thinking that veganism and juice cleansing can cure cancer. She stated that they’re just trying to help people in achieving a healthier lifestyle. The video became viral with over 6,000 shares on YouTube, not to mention the millions of reactions, shares, and comments on Facebook.

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