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Will Smith Launches His Fresh Princess Children’s Books, But With a Surprising Twist

For years we’ve seen celebrities start their own businesses outside their glamorous Hollywood careers because they know where the fish with the money lives. From cryptocurrency to liquor and fashion to property, celebrities have taken advantage of these niches to grow their net worth and add millions to their bank accounts in order to fund their expensive lifestyles. But there are very few celebrities who’re actually working for the wellbeing of young children. Today, we’re adding Will Smith to the list of celebrities who want to make a difference in the lives of millions of kids around the world.

The star got inspiration from his iconic role as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wants to give kids a platform to explore their creativity through books. Smith recently wrote a children’s book based on the TV series he starred in the 90s, which is basically a story about the adventure of a young girl.

This time, a girl called Destiny is taking the lead in the picture book, and she is the superhero who’s trying to save the world. The publisher HarperCollins did a great job in creating the pictorial book illustrated by Gladys Jose.

The author Denene Millner, brought Smith’s vision to life and for once, it’s not a male character who’s playing the role of a superhero in a children’s fiction book. Smith rose to fame due to the role he played in the iconic television series.

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