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How Will Smith Borrows from Strangers Despite His $300 Million Fortune

When you have over $300 million in your bank account, why would you ever need to ask someone else for money, ever? Someone who doesn’t even have $500 in their pocket may ask this question. However, for someone like Will Smith, even millions can sometimes be inadequate, so much so that he once neede to borrow money from people he didn’t even know! The incident occurred in 2017 when, to wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s embarrassment, Smith had to ask strangers for money.

The actor actually forgot his wallet at home and needed money to pay for gas at a station. This was not the only time Smith has been caught asking for money.

Jada confessed that Smith has formed this as his regular habit. He also does it whenever he is with Jada because she hates it, but he believes that is funny because she is always embarrassed.

Sometimes, when Smith is up for this prank, Jada would advise the stranger to ask her husband for money instead. Smith has mastered this act very well that he always get his way.  Jada may be the one at the losing end but Smith is not ready to shake off this begging prank anytime soon.

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