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You Will Not Believe These Extraordinary Features of Kim Kardashian’s House

Recently, Kim Kardashian invited the 73 Questions with Vogue host into her minimalist monastery-inspired home located in the Hidden Hills region. The house is almost all white in appearance and has a minimal amount of furniture, also mostly white.

The writer for Vogue, Jonathan Van Meter, shared some rather interesting details about the life of Kim and Kanye inside that house, and the rich information shared by him deserves to be discussed.

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There is no doubt that one of the most lavish mansions in the coveted Hidden Hills region of California belongs to Kim and Kanye.

The Tight Security

In his cover story for Vogue, the writer revealed some very interesting facts about the $60 million property. According to him, the first thing he noticed when he entered the house was the tight security installed at the mansion, which goes to show that both Kanye and Kim do not compromise on keeping intruders off their home. Even their garage is manned 24/7.

Further discussing the security measures, Meter shared that he had to go through multiple layers of heavy security checkpoints to enter the house. For example, when he reached their front door, it looked like a castle door which would lower over a moat.

Hence, he decided to walk to the side and enter from the garage. To his surprise, the garage was also secured in every way possible and a security pod was manned for 24/7 protection. Next to the security pod was a wall-sized shelf which held boxes of Yeezy sneakers. The other wall consisted of black suitcases.

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Having ensured a foolproof security system at their house, both Kim and Kanye are able to relax without having to worry about any intrusion.

The Paris Robbery

We can’t blame Kim and Kanye for having such tight-knit security after what happened in Paris. In 2017, Kim Kardashian was robbed at her hotel room. After that robbery, Kim made some considerable changes in her lifestyle to avoid a similar experience in the future.

One of these changes was obviously increasing the security around her and her family. Apart from her Hidden Hills house, she also has security guards which stay around her at all times. The security is not only for her but for her whole family. As of now, Kim has three children namely North, Saint, and Chicago, and a fourth one is on its way through surrogacy.

Other Interesting Discoveries

Apart from the tight security, we found it particularly interesting that Kim has two different kitchens. According to Meter, the house had a show kitchen and a staff kitchen. She reportedly spends time with her kids and husband at the staff kitchen while the show kitchen is for entertaining guests as it has a spacious breakfast corner with a capacity of seating twenty people and a huge island as the centerpiece.

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This has to be one of the most gorgeous and spacious kitchens we have ever seen in a celebrity home.

Kim and Kanye’s airplane hangar-sized bedroom has a suite bathroom that has a shower big enough to allow an entire basketball team to wash up at the same time. Their beautiful bathroom also showcases a dual sink island and a soaking tub made of concrete.

Even though the walls are made of glass, they still have a lot of privacy due to the coverage provided by trees. Kim also has multiple closets in her room, one of which is solely dedicated to her shoe and handbag collection. There is also a separate dressing room for her fittings which we see on her Instagram all the time.

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