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What’s the Key to Happiness? Virgin Group’s Richard Branson Has an Idea

Aren’t we all familiar with the phrase that money can’t buy you happiness? For those of us who aren’t filthy rich, we tend to think that this is just a phrase that people throw out there. Have you ever thought to yourself that if you were super-rich, there couldn’t be a better feeling? Maybe even more than once.

But those that have it all are ever constantly saying that material possessions and everything else that money can buy isn’t the key to happiness. They must have a point, if you critically think about it.

He doesn’t regret how he got rich, but money was never the goal


Didn’t billionaire Chip Wilson say that he regrets being too focused on making money that he forgot to appreciate living life? He has all the money in the world, but he’s certain that if he could do it all again, he’d choose a different route. For him, 40 years is a lot to have wasted in the pursuance of wealth.

Billionaire investor Richard Branson, while not regretting the path that led him to his billions, also holds the opinion that happiness and fulfillment never come from whatever possessions you may own. The British magnate recently revealed that when he started out, making money was never his endpoint.

As he noted in his blog, the sense of fulfillment comes from spending time with family and friends, being healthy, and making a difference in the world. Currently worth $4 billion, Branson also said that his attraction to business was never about the profits he stood to make, but rather the impact whatever he did would have.

Fulfilment comes from spending time with family

Breaking this down, the money that resulted from his numerous business ventures was just a bonus. If you’re yet to figure out where you know this man from, he is the founder of the Virgin Group, a conglomerate he established back in the ’70s. Controlling at least 400 companies across the globe, Richard Branson has his hand in almost every business you can think of.

Acknowledging the success he’s had over the years, the billionaire credits this to the fact that the masses appreciated what the Virgin Group created. And truth be told, no company can profit if its target market doesn’t like its products or services, right?

Passing on the Values

Branson seems to have passed on his values on money and fulfilment to his children, taking us back to when along with his wife, they lived on a houseboat. Unfortunately, the vessel sank with everything they owned at the time, but guess the one thing they all missed? Their family photo albums.

Joan Templeman, Branson’s wife, still misses their photo albums

He also mentioned the time when his London residence went up in flames, and instead of being gutted over the loss of a home, he was just happy that his family was safe. Accordingly, the entrepreneur noted that it is in times of such tragedy that one remembers the truly important things in their life. And isn’t family important to us all?

If we’re to be honest, Richard Branson’s business moves have always prioritized the planet and its people, as opposed to solely being focused on maximizing profits. He is all for fighting against climate change, and once even said that Virgin was focused on solving tricky problems, and climate change wouldn’t be any different.

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