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The Ways Kylie Jenner Is Spending Her Millions Has Left Us Speechless!

All of us had seen this day coming since quite some time now, but now it has become official: Kylie Jenner has crossed that $1 billion benchmark with her net worth, becoming the youngest person ever to have achieved this feat. Although she already had a lot of money considering she was born into a rich household, but Kylie has made her mark by becoming the richest member of the family now.

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Kylie Jenner has officially become the youngest billionaire in the history of mankind at the tender age of 21.

And of course, with great riches comes an even greater responsibility to spend your money wisely, and Kylie Jenner does not disappoint in that department. The items she has splurged on over the years have everyone in awe of her impeccable taste, but they are mostly so expensive that we can do nothing but admire them from a distance.

Her Car Collection

Considering how much work Kylie is putting into running her very successful makeup brand, there is obviously a lot of need for adequate self-care in order to keep her stress levels at bay. That is why she cannot afford to move around in uncomfortable or slow cars, which is why her garage is full of cars which provide the best experience when it comes to road travel.

From a Bentley Bentayga to a Range Rover to a Mercedes G-Wagon, Kylie Jenner has it all. She also has a few Rolls-Royces parked in there as well, in addition to the Ferraris (one of which was a gift by none other than Travis Scott). This is very impressive considering Kylie is just 21 years of age.

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There is no shortage of cars in Kylie’s garage, and she owns some of the most luxurious vehicles currently in existence.

An Expensive Home

Luxury cars are not the only assets that Kylie has built for herself over the years. Back in 2016, the media learned that Jenner had spent around $12 million of her money on the purchase of a property spanning over 1.4 acres with a 13,000 sq. ft. mansion.

Located in the Hidden Hills region of California, Jenner’s home obviously has a garage that is big enough to accommodate all the cars she owns, but a distinct feature of the house is that she had it designed by a team of interior design professionals who tailored it exactly to her liking.

More Properties

However, her Hidden Hills home is not the only property she owns. Like other billionaires around the world, Jenner has reportedly made sure to invest over $40 million in properties, which also includes a beautiful mansion she owns in the Beverly Hills area. Part of this huge investment is the home office she had constructed right next to her home in Hidden Hills, which obviously makes conducting business meetings very easy for her.

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The Kardashian-Jenner family does have good taste in houses and loves investing in real estate, and young Kylie is keeping that tradition alive by doing the same.

A $50K Rolex

Now this expenditure is quite different in nature compared to the ones mentioned above, and many may call it excessive, but if you think from an investment perspective, then a Rolex watch only gains in value over time, especially if associated with a famous personality.

But that may not be the reason why Jenner bought it. She loves jewelry, and purchasing this gorgeous timepiece must have seemed like the perfect investment to her because it is both gorgeous as well as useful.

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