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Wanna Know the Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ Hairstyle? Here It Is!

The 1990s sitcom “Friends” may have aired its last episode 15 years ago but its legacy lives on, proof of which are the widespread clamor for the show to remain in streaming service platform Netflix, the numerous “Friends”-themed restaurants and the demand for their merch.

It has also given birth to some of the most iconic, including Rachel Green’s hair, which, although have gone some serious transformation throughout the 11 years of filming, remains classic.

“Friends” may have ended 15 years ago but it remains alive in the hearts of the public

There are a lot of iconic hairstyles we can think about – Elvis Presley’s pompadour, Amy Winehouse’s beehive, Marilyn Monroe’s glamour waves, and Audrey Hepburn’s pixie cut. Also belonging to the roster is Jennifer Aniston’s hair in “Friends,” which, according to the colorist of the actress, is still requested up to this day.

Plus, it’s a no-brainer why people still love the ‘do, it’s one of the trademarks of Rachel. Jennifer’s colorist Michael Canale, who has been working with the actress for over two decades and is one of the brains behind “The Rachel,” finally gave us some tips as to coloring a la Rachel.

Five-Week Interval

Jennifer Aniston had to have her hair checked every five weeks

For some of us, taking a trip to the salon to get our hair fixed is a blowout, but for Jennifer, that happens every five weeks, Michael said. If you are an actress and you need to maintain such iconic locks, then there’s no reason not to visit your colorist every now and then. The expert explained that they refresh her color in the mentioned interval in case there needs correcting.

Apparently, Michael is also in charge when Jennifer needs to temporarily sport another color for a film, like for example in 2018’s “Dumplin,” when the star needed lighter locks. It would depend on what will be needed for the role, but all in all, his team does the job and repairs her hair.

The actress got a lighter color for “Dumplin.”

‘The Rachel’

The show was from way back ‘90s and you would think no one is interested to stun in Rachel’s hairstyle. However, Michael said the ‘do aptly called “The Rachel” was still a lot of fans and in fact, is getting popular once again these days as people prefer a more natural look.

What’s not hot anymore is ombre, although what he does is a seamless blend of highlights and a darker back. Speaking of a natural look, it’s what Michael tries to give Jennifer. The goal is to make her eyes pop and color her hair that complements her skin tone.

Not a Fan of the Look

It’s obvious that Rachel’s look epitomizes the ‘90s, with a lot of people spending hours in front of the mirror with a round brush and hairdryer as they try their hardest to copy the character’s hairstyle. Although it looked like it was easy to pull off and effortless for Jennifer, achieving the look was far from that, at least for the actress herself.

The 50-year-old thespian admitted last year that she relied heavily on Chris McMillan, her longtime hairdresser, for the signature layers. Because she finds it hard to recreate the look by herself, she said she was not a fan of it.

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