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Victoria Beckham’s Annoying Habit That Drives David Beckham Crazy!

Celebrity couples lead the most interesting lives filled with drama, love, happiness, and scandals. All this can take a toll on these couples who eventually crack under pressure and call off their relationships, but that’s not the case with David and Victoria Beckham who have have been happily married for years. That’s not to say that the two don’t face the same marital pressures as every other A-list couple, in fact, David revealed that he struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and there are certain things Victoria does that can really annoy him. So how exactly do they make the marriage work?

Having OCD means David likes things to be in pairs or in a straight line. You would think that being the loving and supportive wife that she is, Victoria probably helps David manage his condition by keeping things organized.

But if you know Victoria, you will understand that she is a messy millionaire. In her new YouTube channel, the former Spice Girl reveals candid footage of what it means to live as a Beckham.

The fashion designer leads a chaotic life, and just a glimpse into her unorganized wardrobe and bedroom shows how little she cares about keeping things organized around the house. This habit cab irritate David because he is super tidy and loves cleanliness. Victoria is a germaphobe and ensures every part of their house is clean with disinfectants. But, she is still messy and David is unable to tolerate this side of hers. One day, Victoria might learn to keep things a little tidy for David. For now, he will have to live with Victoria’s messy habits and endure her chaotic nature.

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