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The Unbelievable $30 million Town Kim Basinger Once Bought


Actress Kim Basinger once bought an entire town of Braselton for a whopping cost of $20milion.  The actress paid in cash according to the town mayor. The founder of the town, the Braselton  agreed to sell Basinger all of their commercial property including some private homes. The  small north Georgia town housed about 500 people.

It took three actress 18 months in negotiation before she was able to acquire the town. However, she was unable to buy the homes not owned by the Braselton family or the property owned by the town government.

The dream of Basinger was to transform the small town to a tourist Haven with a movie production house. However, this dream flopped when she was faced with professional word and she had to sell. She filed for bankruptcy and sold off the town at a loss.

She revealed that the town caused her rift with her family when she bought it. While the actress may have escaped the blunt of the town aftermath, the locals and those involved in the deal ended up as victims.

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