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After Uber’s Colossal IPO Fail, Co-Founder Garrett Camp is Venturing into Another Lucrative Industry

Amid the recent controversies surrounding Uber’s dud of an IPO, its multi-billionaire co-founders, Garrett Camp, and Travis Kalanick are expanding into another thriving industry: real estate.

While Camp has been more discreet in his property moves over the years, his controversial co-founder Kalanick has been sweeping the market with multi-million dollar purchases, the most recent one being the $40.5-million penthouse in Manhattan.

Both Uber co-founders reportedly has a whopping $4 billion net worth.

Both Uber co-founders have a combined net worth of $4 billion

Meanwhile, Camp is closing in on Kalanick with recent real estate moves to gain a foothold in California’s market. Albeit discreet, the Uber co-founder’s property investments are creating a buzz in the media.

Only recently, Camp purchased a massive casita in Hollywood’s foothills. Let’s check out the stunning features hiding inside the staggering $15-million real estate property!

The Humble Abode

Sources reveal that Camp, along with his wife, Eliza Nguyen, bought a magnificent mid-century casita in Hollywood’s foothills.

The massive home, designed by the renowned architect Hal Levittprovides total privacy with a tall iron gate as well as high walls to keep the residents safe from intruders.

Camp reveals he and his wife enjoy staying in the garden as they catch up and bond with each other.

Camp and his wife enjoy staying in this lovely Hollywood Hills home with a massive swimming pool and a garden for strolling around

The glass-covered casita spans 3,726 square-feet and consists of five bedrooms and bathrooms enough for Camp’s family and guests.

What makes this residence unique is the large garden where the Uber co-founder and her wife can plant organic fruits and veggies to make healthy meals.

The house also features two separate pavilions which the couple transformed into a private gym and yoga space for exercising.

The Second Estate

The spacious home provides all the comfort and luxury that Camp and Nguyen could ever need, but that didn’t stop the couple from expanding their real-estate empire.

In March 2019, they bought another home just three blocks from their Levitt property. The sprawling mansion covers a vast area of 6,281 square feet with a spa and infinity pool.

The couple bought another home in Hollywood Hills for an astounding $9.8 million last March.

The couple also bought another home in Hollywood Hills for an astounding $9.8 million

It also has a home theater, two-car garage, and central courtyard where the guests can roam around the garden and breathe some fresh air. The Camp-Nguyen estate also features a lavish master suite with a large bathtub and boutique-style closet.

Other Properties

Aside from their stunning houses in Los Angeles, Camp reveals they’re building a property portfolio in San Francisco too. The couple bought a contemporary penthouse for $3.8 million.

Other rumored properties they purchased include a renovated mansion worth $7.8 million in Pacific Heights and an $8.25 million condo in Soho, Manhattan.

The Plan

It remains unclear what Camp plans to do with these real-estate properties. Some experts speculate the Uber co-founder might start flipping houses and selling them at a higher price.

Others argued that Camp already has amassed a large fortune, so he doesn’t need to venture into real-estate to make money. The only reasonable explanation that comes to mind is that buying gorgeous mansions and penthouses is Camp’s way of spending his wealth.

Whether or not this is actually true, Camp reveals he plans on realizing his newest innovative idea again to launch another startup business that will surely catch the people’s hearts. According to sources, Camp plans to invest his Uber’s $1.4 billion to establish a new startup company.

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