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The Types Of People In Every Office

You know what they say, “you can’t choose your family, and you also can’t choose who you work with.” Wait, that isn’t a real saying? Well, it’s still true. You have to wake up really early in the morning, sit in traffic for hours, and then work at your little cubicle for 8 hours a day (not counting overtimes), and you’ll also have to deal with some pretty pesky and annoying workmates. There are a lot of different types of people that work in the office and not all of them are pleasant. Here are 5 kinds of people that are in every office. If you can’t find any of them in your office, then maybe you should take a good look at a mirror.

The Overachiever

Image result for guy giving a presentation at a meeting

The Overachiever during a meeting

The Overachiever is somewhat of a Teacher’s Pet, but since we’re no longer in school, it’s more appropriate to call them the Boss’ Pet. They are generally good workmates, and they are one of the less annoying ones, but there is a big issue with them. They make you look bad. They tend to do most of the work around the office, but that actually isn’t completely a good thing for you. They tend to be overachievers that pride themselves in volunteering for whatever the boss wants to be done, and are always the first one to arrives at the office and the last one to leave, and always sucks up to the boss. They always go the extra mile, and make sure that the boss knows it. They’re the most likely to get promoted, and you know that they’ve earned it, but they’re still kinda annoying.

The Fridge Raider

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The Fridge Raider stalking its prey

The office fridge is a sacred place where everyone keeps their food and lunch. It takes a great deal of trust in order to leave your lunch in the office fridge, where anyone can steal it. A food thief or fridge raider is like a ninja that works with the cover of darkness and is rarely caught. If you leave your food at the office fridge then we suggest that you keep it inside a sealed tupperware, and maybe put on a lock on it. We’re not pointing fingers or anything, but you better keep an eye on the person with a seemingly endless supply of snacks.

The Passive-Aggressive Fridge Note-Leaver

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The note wars

When the Fridge Raider steals food from the office fridge and the note-leaver is one of the victims, then it’s sure that everyone will hear about it. Or read it on a note on the fridge. The note-leaver puts on notes on the fridge or other easily seen places in order to attract attention without ever having to confront anyone face to face. If they ever get annoyed with anyone in the office, then everyone will surely know about it. They’re most likely the ones banging doors or loudly typing on their keyboards while muttering things that everyone can hear but barely understand.

The Underachiever

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The Underachiever just lounging around

If there is an Overachiever, then it’s time to meet his exact opposite, the Underachiever. The Underachiever is the person that always seems to arrive late, pretends to be working if the boss is watching but as soon as they leave will only be watching funny videos on the internet all day, leaves for lunch for more than an hour, and then leave as soon as it turns 5. Basically, they are the guys that don’t even put in actual work, and if asked to do anything will just say that they’re already busy. Don’t worry, they’ll get fired sooner or later.

The Gossiper

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A pack of wild Gossipers

If something happens at the office, then surely the Gossiper has already heard about it. If your boss wants to talk to you, or have a disagreement with one of your colleagues, or have to go home early for a doctor’s appointment, then the Gossiper will make up a good story to tell to all the other guys in the office. The Gossipers are usually found in their natural habitat, the kitchen, where they talk to each other in hushed tones and discreetly and non-subtly try to change the topic when you walk into the room.


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