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TV Shows You Should Watch If You Want To Learn About Money

Making it big in Wall Street will be tough for a newbie, but anyone can always learn how to make it big anywhere. Fortunately, some people have heeded this call and there are some TV shows that you can tune in to learn a few things before you start a career in the finance industry. Here are some of them.

“Mad Money” with Jim Cramer

In this reality show, no other than Jim Cramer himself helps people become better investors over a span of time. The show airs weeknights on CNBC, so you have a lot of chances to tune in even for an episode or two during the week. Cramer in his mission statement says that his job is “not to tell you what to think, but to teach you how to think about the market like a pro.” Of course, audiences, too, will learn how to analyze stocks. He does not favor the notion of getting rich quick.

Cramer says that “Mad Money” is all about breaking into the country club. It is for those people who want to learn more about finances and would want to save some money for their kids’ college degree or their retirement. This show is not for people who just want to be entertained by the thrills of a typical game show. Here, you see guest interviews, Cramer’s lectures about which stocks to watch or avoid, as well as viewer calls.


This TV show has been dubbed as Wall Street’s latest craze, and it has all the reasons why. “Billions” by Showtime gives the audience a closer look at a hedge fund manager who is making actual billions. It also follows a US district attorney who has been constantly trying to outwork him for insider trading.

The show gives a closer look into the corruption of certain Wall Street figures and the different lengths that attorneys are willing to go through to expose them. Some parts of the storyline are reportedly taken from real life. As a bonus, they also introduced the first gender nonconforming character on television and you will also get to learn about some relative points from the legal side.

“Your Money”

This show airs on CNN on Saturday mornings so its perfect to tune in while having some coffee for the weekend. It is hosted by Christine Romans who simplifies and breaks down the business news for the week and shows the audiences how these impact the bottom line. You will find out which costs are going up and which are going down. There are random interviews with people on the streets about everything from parking ticket prices to cellphone deals. Watching this show could be the best way to educate yourself about how common day to day things are connected with finances on a large scale.

“Wall Street Warriors”

This show ran from 2006 to 2009 and examines the lives and jobs of people who made it big through their money in the financial markets. The show’s description says that viewers would get to see how the raging bulls and hungry bears take on a showdown on good old Wall Street. Viewers will get to see the intense competition through the eyes of those who thrive there. From seasoned veterans, ambitious newbies and those who dropped out of college to make it big there, everyone is present.

“Squawk Box”

This show on CNBC has been dubbed as the ultimate premarket morning news and talk program. Viewers get to see big names in business and politics share their stories and insights about relevant matters. It is hosted by Becky Quick, Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

The show has featured financial heavy hitters including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, T. Boone Pickens, Alan Greenspan, Charlie Munger and Jamie Dimon. All three anchors have had prior immense experience in the finance industry. Kernen worked for 10 years as a stockbroker. Sorkin is a financial columnist for the New York Times and had written several books.

When it comes to learning about finance, the best way would be to take it from the best and from different settings. These TV shows give you more than just an insight as they let you see how a career in the finance industry would go from the eyes of different people. Do you have favorite shows that educate audiences on finance? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below

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