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Travel Essentials That These Celebrities Simply Refuse to Go Without

The art of flying is not easy to master even by the most frequent flyers. Although there are a lot of essential items which we would like to carry with us on flights, unfortunately, there are some very rigid aviation rules that disallow us from taking them.

For example, there are some restrictions when it comes to the number of liquids or the number of electronics that you can take with yourself, which is why you must’ve had to give up water bottles quite often when boarding an aircraft.

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When it comes to carrying liquids aboard airlines, there are very strict rules in place which you may not even know about, forcing you to give up some very essential items before boarding the flight.

This makes it very difficult for many people to pack properly, as they are not entirely sure what they can and cannot bring to their flight. Thankfully, we know how a certain group of frequent flyers travels, and we are going to reveal their packing secrets so that you can be best prepared for that long haul flight without having to give up on packing some of the most essential items on your list. And yes, we are talking about celebrities here.

Mask It Up Like Chrissy Teigen

Long-haul flights are already very tiring and the last thing you need is a dry skin while aboard an aircraft. Since carrying a large bottle of moisturizer with you is a hassle, mostly because there is a chance of it leaking in your bag and ruining all the other items you have in there, we recommend carrying a facial mask sheet just like Chrissy Teigen.

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There is not even a single flaw on Teigen’s face, which shows how much the celebrity cares about keeping it adequately moisturized.

In an Instagram post (that soon went viral due to its humorous appeal), Teigen shared a picture of her face while she was wearing a mask, with a caption that said that she was scaring the children aboard. While we won’t recommend scaring anyone on your flight, but wearing a mask would certainly freshen you up and is also much more convenient than a moisturizer bottle.

Get Comfortable Like Kim Kardashian

Considering the fact that Kim Kardashian has to travel quite a lot, it makes perfect sense that she has a list of essentials which must accompany her aboard every flight that she takes. This list includes the beauty products which she needs but also contains one very unique item that not many people take with them on a flight: a silk pillowcase. Now, this may sound like a luxury to you, but using a pillowcase made out of silk has functional benefits. In addition to providing you with a better quality of sleep, it also helps in reducing the buildup of dirt as well as the grease that normally accumulates on the face.

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Kim Kardashian has often been photographed outside airports carrying her beloved pillowcase made of silk.

Bring Small Things Like Chris Evans

For actors, self-care is very important, and Chris Evans makes sure that he does not compromise on his beauty regimen even while traveling. To avoid having to give up his skincare essentials at airport security, Evans instead reportedly brings with himself products that come in smaller packaging that are not only easy to carry but also are allowed under aviation rules.

For example, taking a chapstick with you not only help you keep your lips perfectly moisturized, but you can also use it to moisturize other parts of your body.

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