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Venus Williams Explains Why Athletes Make Stellar Businesspeople

Athletes retire earlier than most other professionals mainly because of the physicality that the job requires. This, however, does not mean that they completely lose their value as they become the ideal entrepreneurs by the time their careers end. On Venus Williams’ part, she is still very much active in sports and she claims that she owes her business success to her being an athlete.

“It’s All About Strategy”

Venus Williams who is currently ranked 13th best in the world says that the skills that she has developed in tennis are the exact same one that made her successful in her business endeavors. While she is best known for her dominance and power on the court, what a lot of fans do not know is that she is also CEO of interior design company VStarr Interiors as well as athletic wear brand EleVen.

What you see when you see Venus play on the court is all the result of strategy. Her movements and how she plans to hit the ball are all results of deliberate planning carried into action.

“It’s All About Learning from Losing”

Williams becomes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from Indiana University East in Richmond

One of the many tough things that athletes can handle better than ordinary people is handling frustrations. Athletes will go through a lot of disappointing events before they reach their prime, and their career requires them to keep calm. This is why there is such an unwritten code we call sportsmanship and a big chunk of it is acting cool after losing.

The same thing goes for business ventures since more businesses fail rather than succeed. Successful businesses are also the result of failures which their founders did not give up on. It could be this positive attitude and strong willpower which gives athletes an edge when they venture into business.

“It’s All About Setting Goals”

Athletes push themselves to their limits on an almost daily basis. Whether they are in training or competing, they make sure that they are constantly in their best shape possible. Their top form is what keeps them on top so they never run out of self-improvement goals.

You will have to set a lot of goals when it comes to business. Whether you want to improve your cash flow, minimize costs or come up with better products, you will surely be on a never-ending search to improve.

Tennis champ Venus Williams is an entrepreneur herself

Sports Teaches Women to Believe in Themselves

Business is far from an easy escape for those who do not want to get to challenging ventures in life. This is an area where there will be an infinite number of frustrations and you will find yourself lost in a lot of ways. These might make you question your worth and you might think you are made for nothing, but athletes have been trained to keep going regardless of what they think of themselves.

When you have no other choice but to go on, you will also need to believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself that failure is temporary and that things will get much better as long as you keep going.

Keep Striving to Get Better

Despite already being a successful businesswoman in her own right, Venus still lives and breathes tennis. She says that tennis is still the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning, and she still faces that dilemma where she gets up in the morning and thinks of how she can further improve her game.

While business is not all about failures, some strikes of gold can be equally as harmful. Some entrepreneurs get cocky when their businesses start to earn big however, this might mean the end of them. Business is an endless quest for improvement. The moment you stop improving, you will be better off somewhere else.

She will always be remembered for her powerful swings, graceful strides and all those times where she entertained millions of fans around the world. However, it looks like Venus Williams will also be having an impact just as big in the business world. With the right upbringing and for the values that she has learned in her career as one of the best tennis players in the world, her opportunities as an entrepreneur are endless. What do you think of her guiding principles? Do you know any other athletes that excel in business? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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