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Sylvester Stallone Makes Conor McGregor a Generous Offer to Bring Him Back to UFC

The famous professional boxer and martial artist Conor McGregor rose to prominence in the UFC ring where he snagged several prestigious titles like the UFC lightweight as well as UFC featherweight champion during his prime days.

While the boxing champ has made a fair share of fame and fortune from his glorious career, McGregor’s real fight for many years has been to become an equity-holder in UFC. It seems his efforts have finally come to fruition because one of the company’s major stakeholders, Sylvester Stallone recently made a generous offer to him.

The Surprising Interview

In an interview with TMZ, Stallone was asked whether or not McGregor deserves a stake in UFC that he’s been fighting for, to which the actor surprisingly said yes. He explained that McGregor deserves to become a major shareholder in the company because he played a major role in its success.

According to him, the boxer should automatically be named part-owner of the company instead of spending his hard-earned money to buy UFC owner Dana White‘s shares.

Stallone says he's willing to give some of his stakes to keep McGregor's stay to UFC.

Sylvester Stallone says he’s willing to give some of his shares to keep McGregor in UFC

Stallone says that this bonus should be added to his compensation package as a token of gratitude for the recognition he brought to UFC. If the company still refuses to give him the stakes he deserves, Stallone even went as far as offering some of his shares to the athlete.

The Challenge

While Stallone’s unexpected offer shocked the audience, the experts are skeptical about whether the actor will actually see his plan through. And even if Stallone ends up giving some of his shares to McGregor, it remains unclear whether it’ll be enough to entice him to come back to UFC.

McGregor says he's willing to engage in an official match if it means getting his stake if he wins.

McGregor says he’s willing to engage in an official match with one of the stakeholders in return for equity in UFC

Despite these uncertainties, experts say Stallone’s offer is a more peaceful alternative to McGregor’s fight against Mark Wahlberg for his UFC shares. Meanwhile, it also helps dampen the ongoing tension between McGregor and Conan O’Brien. The former challenged the American television host to a fight, with the condition that if McGregor wins, O’Brien must concede and give him his shares.

The Sweetest Surprise

While fans may find these challenges against actors or comedians for company ownership quite humorous, McGregor reveals he’s serious in his quest for power. The renowned boxer wants the part-ownership to be included in his compensation in exchange for the services he has provided to the organization.

is a sweet surprise for UFC since they can strike a great deal to have him back.

McGregor’s MMA retirement was a sweet surprise for UFC since they can strike a great deal to get him back

McGregor first pushed for his stakes in 2016 and has relentlessly pushed his agenda ever since. The athlete even openly admitted that if UFC gives in to his demand, he might accept their offer to return to the ring this year. McGregor announced this after his recent retirement from MMA.  

The Alternative Proposal

Despite the golden opportunity to strike a deal with McGregor, UFC’s owner, Dana White, says he remains firm in his decision not to give ownership stake to McGregor.

The renowned businessman says McGregor is stuck up with ownership when a fellow athlete like Michael Jordan didn’t even own a piece of the NBA league itself.

Despite his decision, Dana White remains hopeful he can still entice McGregor to come back to UFC. Dana believes he can find other ways and offer greater benefits to him.

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