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All the Stupid Things Kevin Hart Bought with His First Massive Paycheck

The first time Kelvin Hart laid his hands on his first big check, he made headlines with what he spent the money on.  He was 24 at the time he made a breakthrough in his career. However, he didn’t buy a car or house but jerseys.

The sport didn’t matter to him when he started collecting jerseys that stood for some of the best athletes on earth.

Kelvin collected football jerseys from the 80s and 90s, basketball jersey from the 70s and every jersey that stood for fame and success. The buck of his money went into purchasing jerseys. The collection made the comedian very happy then. However, his euphoria didn’t last long when he saw that his bank account was almost red.

The comedian learned his lesson in a hard way. He has come heart to heart with failures, disappointments, and challenges. Yet, Kelvin has move on to become one of the richest comedians on earth. He has featured in blockbuster movies that had swept off millions of dollars from viewers pockets. In 2018, Forbes estimated his net worth at $57 million.

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