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Struggles Sarah Jessica Parker Faced Growing Up in a Poor Family

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the richest female celebrities in Hollywood but she grew up without basic necessities like electricity and good food. Sarah’s family, who lived in Nelsonville, Ohio, skipped birthdays and Christmas celebrations to keep food on the table for the eight kids. The big family struggled to live one day at a time but poverty didn’t stop them from loving each other.

The actress only changed her hand-me-down clothes when she started making money for herself. Elementary school wasn’t easy for Sarah who was fed through ‘Free Lunch,’ a stigma that pushed her to act and sing.  At 11, she became the breadwinner of the family after her acting career found a direction.

The actress who is richer than her husband, Matthew Brodrick, owns a fashion line and a footwear company. Meanwhile, the actress wants to quit Hollywood and become a full-time housewife. She loves taking care of her son, James and doing things, every mother does to look after her family and home.

Sarah’s childhood up-bring influenced her life as an adult and her role as a mother.  These days, she is supportive of many charities and welfare projects in New York.

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