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The Simple Rules Followed By Dwayne Johnson For a Happy Life

Dwayne Johnson has once ruled the world of wrestling and now has also earned a lot of fame in Hollywood with his outstanding acting performances. He is also famous for uplifting the spirits of his fans through the charm of his spotless personality.

If you want to see his motivational feeds, just visit his account on Instagram and you will realize his posts will often brighten up your day. So, how does he remain so positive? Well, as far as we know, he follows these six simple rules for a successful and0 happy life.

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Dwayne Johnson is here to stay in Hollywood, having already enjoyed a highly lucrative and successful wrestling career.

His Sleep Cycle Is Scheduled

Every successful person seems to have a properly scheduled sleep cycle, with prescribed timings for hitting the bed to getting up in the morning.

And, apparently, this is a very good approach as well because when there many tasks that you must perform every single day, you need to fixate your sleep schedule so that you are able to get the required amount of sleep without any interruptions or other commitments.

Reportedly, Johnson sleeps only for five hours during the night hours and usually gets up before sunrise. The first two hours of his day are spent on planning the rest of day, workout, and in meditation.

He Works Out Extensively

As far as we know, Johnson has a very extensive workout routine. He believes that, in order to be successful, a person needs to have both a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

That is why he reportedly works out seven days a week, starting his week with lower weights and higher reps and then gradually increasing the weight and lowering the reps as the days of the week pass.

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Working out is part of everyday life for Johnson, that’s for sure.

Through this strategy, he is able to maintain the optimal level of strength in his body. Reportedly, before starting work on a new project, Johnson works out very extensively 4 to 5 months prior to the day of his first shoot.

He Gives Special Attention To His Diet

To fulfill the nutritional requirements posed by his intensive workouts, Johnson has to consume around 5K healthy calories in a single day. Reportedly, he usually ends up taking 6 to 7 meals every day, which must include appropriate portions of protein, vegetables, and fruits.

The major portion of protein in his diet comes from cod as he reportedly eats around 2 to 3 pounds of cod on a daily basis. After all, he realizes that in order to maintain those bulging muscles, he needs to consume a lot of lean protein.

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While you may think that Johnson must be consuming a very lean protein diet, in actuality he is a big pizza fan.

He Has Remained Consistent

So far, Johnson has appeared in more than 100 films. Some of these films were produced by WWE, but the fact that he has delivered remarkable performances in so many roles is an admirable fact.

According to Johnson, he has always believed in persistence during the 23 years of his career, and that’s a major reason that he has been able to achieve success as he did not quit even if he felt like he was failing.

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