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Simon Cowell’s Parenting Style Is Every Woman’s Dream

Simon Cowell may be an unpleasing boss on the set of American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent. But he is quite soft-hearted when it comes to his son, Eric.  Simon puts in the work to support his partner, Lauren Silverman in co-parenting their son. Of course, the couple has nannies and plenty of help, but they always make sure that Eric is supervised and not left alone.

The lookalike son often makes appearances with his father on many of his shows. Eric makes Simon understand there is more to life than being stern. The couple welcomed their boy on Valentine’s Day in 2014, a valuable love present for Simon and Lauren.

Simon will do everything to make Eric happy. In 2018, he spent £925 for Eric’s access to club Soho House, where the young boy could swim during summer.

The Soho House clubs are only for the rich and celebrities like Kate Moss, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Simon spends quality time with Eric and ensures the body is well mannered. One day, Eric might become the new judge on his father’s show or take up a different profession.

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