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A Saudi Prince Just Spent a Staggering $52 Million on This Mega-Mansion!

There’s no doubt that California has become a popular state among the powerful and affluential who’re pouring millions into homes many would die for. Aside from Hollywood A-listers, the state is also home to tech-billionaires and their multi-million dollar companies.

And even if you’re tempted to buy a property to be closer to your favorite celebrities, you’ll have to shell out millions on these mega-mansions because when it comes to the price tags on these luxury homes, only sky is the limit. One notable example of insane property rates in California is the recent Bel Air mansion that was purchased for an astounding $52 million!

A Mega Purchase

According to sources, a Saudi Prince just spent a staggering $52.2 million to buy a Bel Air compound consisting of two residential mansions.

Although the buyer chose to keep his identity hidden, the paperwork and acquisition deal was managed by a tax attorney who handles the Al Saud royal family’s finances, including the late King Fahd.

The unnamed Saudi Prince just made the biggest residential deal in California for this year.

The unnamed Saudi Prince just made the biggest residential deal in California this year

This important detail leads the real-estate experts to suspect the buyer’s identity may be that of a Saudi Prince. But what compelled the unidentified royalty to buy the mega-mansion for such an astounding price? For starters, the two adjoining homes span a combined area of 1.7 acres.  

Million-Dollar Features

The massive mansions feature seven bedroom suites in total, surrounded by glass windows to give a panoramic view of the bustling city and its skyline. 

If that’s not enough to make the guests feel like royalty, the property also features other luxurious amenities like a gym for fitness fanatics, a 12-car garage to store your lavish vehicle collection and even a barroom to showcases the Prince’s extensive collection of the finest wines.

The Prince can also enjoy lounging in the master bedroom's balcony while having an overlooking view of his massive 22,000 square feet property.

The mansion offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, Century City skyline, and Catalina Island from the living area

For movie lovers, the Prince’s estate offers a 20-seat cinema where guests can enjoy private screenings for entertainment. But that’s not it! The entire house is designed with marble, concrete, and glass to allow plenty of natural light inside while giving a picturesque view to wake up to every morning.

Outdoor Amenities

The mansion also has a spacious outdoor area with lush greenery and tall trees where the Saudi Prince and his high-profile guests can enjoy a light stroll while reconnecting with nature.

The Prince will enjoy gazing at the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Century City skyline, and

The master bedroom also features a balcony overlooking the massive 22,000 square feet property

The property is equipped with lawns and patios in case the new owners want to grow their own produce or plant flowers.  The garden provides a perfect setting for a morning jog for those who want to take their workout outdoors.

What’s more, the Prince and the guests can enjoy a friendly match on the full-size tennis court or go for a dip in the massive 250-feet infinity pool.

The Second Home

While the second house isn’t as big as the main mansion, the Saudi Prince had no qualms buying it for an astounding $7.2 million. The stunning home was designed by the late architect Richard Neutra in 1954.

The house’s signature midcentury design remains intact despite the renovations and expansions it underwent for the past years. The real-estate experts also speculate the second house could serve as the staff’s living quarters if a Saudi Prince is indeed the buyer.

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