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Sandra Bullock is Selling Her House, and Here’s Why You Must Buy It 

One of our favorite actresses and Ocean’s Eight superstar Sandra Bullock has decided to list her beach mansion in Georgia for a very impressive $6.5 Million, which is not very surprising considering she is known for having over a dozen luxury properties to her name.

Reportedly, Bullock owns six luxury homes in the Austin, Texas area alone. Apart from this, she also has two condos that are located in the West Hollywood area, a townhouse in New York City, a log cabin in the vicinity of Jackson Hole, and also a house in New Orleans made in the Victorian style.

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Her home in the New Orleans region embodies the Victorian-era designs in the best possible manner, judging by the grand facade of the building.

So, even though the actress might be losing a home, it will not affect her in any way as it seems to be a purely business deal for her. Reportedly, the actress had bought the property in segments between June of 2001 and March of 2002. At that time, she had paid a little over the asking price of $4.5 million.

Details of the Listing

The actress has listed her beachfront estate located in the Tybee Island region at a whopping price of $6.5 million. The listing is held with Celia Dunn from the Sotheby’s International Realty. The mansion covers an area of almost 3 acres with five to six bathrooms and seven bedrooms. The stunning beachfront estate is located at a 20-minute drive from downtown Savannah.

Initially, the land was divided into two segments but the Bird Box actress decided to combine them together. Details of the listing reveal that the mansion will be resold completely furnished but certain mementos of the actress will obviously not be part of the offer.

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The outdoor sitting area offers the perfect space to enjoy that cool summer breeze coming in from the beach.

The Main House

Four out of seven rooms of this mansion are located in the main house which covers an area of 3,360 square feet. The main house is also known to have a few screened porches, a gourmet kitchen, a basketball court, and a private gym with the best machinery and equipment. The outside of the main house has a private beach walk complete with a pool that is attached to it.

The Guest House

The gorgeous guest house’s beauty and luxury is easily comparable to the main house. It covers an area of 2,848 square feet and hosts three gigantic bedrooms, an outdoor grill area, a personal game room, and a rooftop with stunning views of the ocean.

Heaven on Earth

Both the main and the guest houses have a rather spacious interior as they were both designed to mimic the relaxing vibes of a day at the beach. The interior follows a theme of white and blue with slipcovered bed sheets and sofas to further reinforce that vibe.

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The many windows and the high-rise rooftop ensure that the interior of the house stays true to the openness fo the outside world.

Furthermore, the outdoors of this mansion is decorated with palm trees and lots of greenery. The gigantic pool has white pool chairs to offer a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and soak in the sun, while the green surroundings make this place look like heaven on earth. It has a serene and surreal vibe attached to it, which is probably why she is charging a premium now that she is selling the house. That, and of course the inflation adjustment.

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