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The Sad Story Of How Tyrese Gibson Spent Over $107,000 Per Month


Hollywood actor Tyrese Gibson started well until he ended up in a financial woe that had him borrowing from others.  Gibson was caught spending more than he earned. According to TMZ, Gibson makes $105,686 but his monthly expenses run to $107,576.  He was spending $2k more than his normal monthly earning. Documents revealed that the Fast & Furious star has $884,658, and has a property worth $1.7million. Though, he owned his lawyers $133,750 at the time of the investigation.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett had to give him $5million to support the actor with his legal bills. Things were no longer going on beautifully for Gibson whose personal life was in a mess.

The cost of taking hold of his divorce with Norma Gibson  was something that dealt with him.  The monthly expenses for child care, mortgage, groceries, child support and utilities brought him to the ground.

Gibson got into more trouble when the numbers didn’t tally with what he earned. He claimed that he was spending almost $51k on average each month, and that meant that he was on the red zone.  In Gibson’s case, there were things that shouldn’t have been taken for granted: personal lifestyle.

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