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Rowan Atkinson’s Mercedes 500E is up for Auction and This is the Second Time He Is Selling the Classic Ride

Rowan Atkinson is a man of few words, at least on his show “Mr. Bean,” a comedic project that gained him critical acclaim and worldwide recognition. In fact, the character has always been tied to the man, and admit it, you can never imagine someone who could replace the British actor for the role.

The satirical comedian, however, doesn’t just focus on his thespic work, rather he also indulges from time to time not with fancy jewelry or nice clothes, rather with fast cars as his garage boasts a line of vehicles that’s nowhere near unnoticeable.

The comedy show “Mr. Bean” catapulted Rowan Atkinson to worldwide recognition

Car Enthusiast

However, the car junkie doesn’t see it as a collection and gives us another take on his hobby, saying he doesn’t call himself as a collector. Rowan explained that he doesn’t like seeing cars kept in garages, which may explain why the 64-year-old has been selling some of his beloved rides every now and then.

There is no doubt that he has some of the sweetest and most diverse vehicles in town, but what’s impressive is that he can let go of his collectibles with an interesting mindset.

The “Johnny English” actor is selling his Mercedes 500E

Recently, it was revealed that the “Black Adder” alum was selling his classic Mercedes 500E, up for auction, the second time around. Rowan purchased the silver ride back in 1991 or a year after his “Mr. Bean” show debuted, and just after three years, he decided to place it in the market. The second owner held the precious vehicle for over two decades before the original owner decided he want the car back in his garage again.

Selling for the Second Time

So in 2017, Rowan bought it back from the second buyer and nearly two years after, the actor is selling his Mercedes 500E once more. The four-door goes without reserve but the kind had gone for about $60,000.

The ride’s top speed is 161 miles per hour and can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 5 seconds. The model was a variant of the W124 E-Class and was made in plants at Zuffenhausen and Sindelfingen, Germany in 1990 and production stopped five years later.

Although there is still no estimation nor reserve announced, it could be fetched at a higher price simply because it’s rare in the sense that it’s one of the 29 left-hand drive types that was brought to the UK. According to Classic Car Auctions, although the handsome sedan might be aged, it was regularly driven all throughout the years and the odometer stated 193,000-mileage. Even though you might think it’s been overused, it still is in good condition.

Other Cars

Rowan Atkinson sold his McLaren F1 for an unbelievable price

This wasn’t the first time Rowan has sold his precious car. In 2015, he pocketed $12.2 million for selling his McLaren F1 supercar, which he had bought for about $700,000 in 1997. Clearly, the dark burgundy ride had given him profit instantly, which was impressive considering the two serious crashes it previously suffered.

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