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Rick Devens Didn’t Win ‘Survivor’ but Sia Got His Back – Here’s Why He Went Home Happy

Have you ever considered joining CBS’ “Survivor”? Up for grabs is a whopping $1 million but that amount doesn’t come easy. The overall experience is very taxing, to say the least, and may take a toll not just on your physical health but on your emotional and mental health, too.

Competitors must brave bad weather, survive on little to no food, finish tasks, and, on top of that, socialize with other contestants – in short, they must survive the intense conditions.

$100K for Sia’s Fave Contestant

Sia gave away $100,000 to one lucky “Survivor” cast member

But for that cash, a lot of people are willing to go through the challenge of fighting their way to the top. It is extremely heartbreaking, however, to experience the pain and suddenly be sent home, especially when you’re close to winning the title. But fortunately, Sia is here to appease the weary by awarding $100,000 to a chosen contestant.

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” recently came to a close and although Rick Devens didn’t go home with a million dollars, he still managed to walk away with a not-too-shabby prize, unofficially dubbed as “Sia Award,” from the “Chandelier” singer. The news anchor certainly didn’t win all the hearts out there, but one thing is for sure, the 33-year-old has won the Australian musician’s.

How to Spend the Cash

As expected, Rick became the biggest fan after he found a big supporter in Sia. Even his wife couldn’t believe that her husband was given a staggering amount, which he said would be a big help to the family. As to how he will spend his money, first in order was to buy all of the singer’s album to cement his being a superfan. Kidding aside, the former cast member said he will put the money to his kids’ college savings.

Rick Devens already has a list of things to spend his money on

Apart from the necessities, Rick said he might splurge on a vacation for his wife who was left behind taking care of their children, a 5-year-old and nearly 2-year-old, two cats, and two dogs, while he was away competing in “Survivor.”

Meanwhile, Sia is a confessed avid fan of the show and is actually good friends with the host Jeff Probst. According to the singer, the reason behind the award was that she wanted to share her success, plus, she was quite entertained with “Survivor.”

Past Awardees

Tai Trang Was given $50,000 by Sia

Meanwhile, this was not the first time Sia gave away a portion of her riches. Tai Trang in “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” also didn’t win the grand prize but became a fan-favorite after showing his innate kindness and high regard for animals.

During the reunion, the “Elastic Heart” singer, who is also an animal rights activist, appeared and gave the man $50,000, citing her admiration for his care for the animals. Another $50,000 was awarded to an animal charity of his choice.

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