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Remember When Tiffany Haddish Sneaked Chicken into the Met Gala? Well, She Shared it with This Influential Celebrity

In an interview with James Coden on his The Late Late Show, Tiffany Haddish revealed how she snagged some amazing sponsorship offers from designers at Met Gala 2018.

Like George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than love for food.” And Haddish just proved that good things can happen over a Tupperware of fried chicken.

We all remember the hilarious moment from the Met Gala 2018 when the renowned actress sneaked fried chicken into the event in case they didn’t serve food — and even if they did, there’s always extra room for chicken, right?

Haddish flaunted her chicken on the red carpet and even gave out two pieces to the reporter.

Haddish flaunted her chicken on the red carpet and even gave out two pieces to the reporter

Well, now she’s giving some more details about the eventful night and it turns out that she wasn’t the only one tucking into her secret Tupperware of gloriously crispy chicken.

Apparently, she offered the smuggled goods to another designer at the event and, in return, he offered to make her stunning dresses. What’s more, Tiffany gets these gorgeous outfits for free! How cool is that? Let’s unveil all the juicy details about this sweet (and deliciously savory) deal.

The Interview

In an interview with James Corden last Wednesday, the actress shared an interesting story that happened to her at last year’s Met Gala which is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry that many fans and fashion enthusiasts look forward to.

The Gala features a different theme each year giving the biggest designers in the industry the opportunity to showcase their creative prowess — and for celebrities to flaunt their breathtaking, headline-grabbing outfits on the red carpet.

While Haddish was excited to attend the event, she made sure to bring at least ten pieces of homemade fried chicken in case of a hunger emergency. Haddish knew the event would last for hours, so she brought chickens to munch on in case she got peckish before they served food.

An Inticing Offer

And Haddish wasn’t discreet about her actions either. The comedian openly flaunted her smuggled goods and even offered a piece of her chicken to the reporter.

But the actress didn’t expect other people to start coming to her, asking for a piece of chicken, had she known, she would have brought more!

But we know how generous Haddish can be which is why she shared her food with others at the event and was only left with a single piece of chicken for herself.

Haddish said she won a gorgeous deal that night after getting two dresses for free from designers.

Haddish said she snagged an amazing deal that night after getting two dresses for free from designers

Haddish said when some of the designers asked if they could share the food with her, her heart melted knowing how hard they had worked to make these beautiful outfits to the point of skipping their meals.

The actress ended up giving her food to the designers, but she didn’t expect to gain something better in return. Two designers offered to give her two gorgeous dresses for free to express their gratitude!

Tiff’s Warning

While Haddish looked back at the designers’ offer with fondness, she also gave a warning to the Met Gala organizers. According to her, many people spend money to buy tickets for the event. It’s quite ironic for her how the event aims to raise funding but doesn’t provide enough food for the guests!

The actress said she's not generally stern unless she's hungry.

The actress said she’s not generally grumpy unless she’s hungry

Haddish reiterated how they only received around two ounces of food as if they’re feeding a bunch of models on a diet, which wasn’t enough for her. The actress said she’s not watching her figure, so the event organizers should’ve given her a bigger portion.

Haddish also added that she didn’t regret bringing the chickens to the event last year. Since she knew Met Gala wouldn’t likely change their management, Haddish took the initiative to bring some food in case she got hungry. She’s happy to have helped the designers and other people ease their hunger while attending the event as well.

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