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Rags to Riches: How Rihanna Beat All Odds to Become a Millionaire

Rihanna grew up in a troubled and abusive home in Barbados. Her childhood was full of struggle with pain, illness, and impoverishment. The doctors thought she had a brain tumor because she suffered from frequent and intense headaches. But the headaches stopped after his mother got a divorce from her abusive father. Little Rihanna born as Robyn Rihanna Fenton, was forced to take on the role of a second mother to her younger brother.

At 15, she won her school’s beauty pageant by impressing the judges with her vocals on Mariah Carey’s Hero. She loved singing as a teenager because she wanted to be a professional artist. Jay Z discovered the singer during an audition and that became the turning point in her life. She has won several Grammys and release hit albums with millions of copies sold around the world.

Queen RiRi has moved from being a shy girl from a poor neighborhood to a fierce woman with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Her love for people has given hope to millions in underprivileged countries.

She recently donated more than $2 billion to support education around the world. She has donated bicycles to girls who find it difficult to go to school and built a hospital in Barbados. This February, she will be 31 years old, but her life has just begun.

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