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The Questionable Lifestyles of Politicians

Elected representatives throughout the world have a strange lifestyle that is in sharp contrast to their life before getting appointed to a political post. A number of elected representatives come from humble backgrounds in many cases have difficulties managing themselves appropriately. However, they seem to show a marked preference to more lavish lifestyles after they assume office.

They suddenly seem to have fancy cars, stay at luxury hotels and indulge in trips to exotic locations by providing reasons that would look similar to a holiday at the cost of the people who elected them.

[su_quote cite=”Carl Lewis” class=”cust-pagination”]The people are fed up with their elected officials playing the blame game and treating their political counterparts as enemies.”[/su_quote]

Let us look at some of the select lifestyles of the elected rich.

Sen. Kimberly Lightford

Sen. Lightford had used campaign funds to stay at the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands in 2013 accumulating hotel bills of approximately $4000 for her two-day visit. She also reported an expenditure of $553 for her stay at the Longevity Institute in Palm Desert California for hyperbaric oxygen treatments and colon cleansing but did not report the renting of the rooms.

Lightford has claimed that the payments for the clinic were made in error after the matter was brought to her notice by the Illinois times. She, however, offered no apologies for her trip to the Cayman Islands.

This is just a single incident of the select lifestyles of the elected rich though such instances can be viewed from most representatives that are elected throughout the world.

Why The Lifestyles Of The Elected Rich Are Different

The laws governing the state of Illinois specify that campaign funds cannot be used for personal gratification and prohibits candidates from spending money on clothing. However elected representatives to have a method of circumventing the laws and simply refrain from using the word clothing and invest in working attire which perhaps the chosen word for clothing worn by elected representatives. These clothes are purchased from high-end stores and not from the neighborhood outlets that could be inexpensive.

The law specifies that legislators cannot use campaign funds for buying cars but does not state that the vehicles cannot be leased either. The elected representatives seem to understand this matter clearly and have gotten around the rule by leasing vehicles for a price of $1300 every month. The repair bills from high-end automobile manufacturers clearly provide evidence that these people are not driving scrap vehicles.

These instances could bring questions in the minds of average individuals who would be left wondering whether the lawmakers have deliberately left loopholes to allow the elected rich to take advantage of the system.

Lax Rules Not the Problem

The rules that have been created cannot be called lax by any standards. The rules clearly specify what the elected representatives can or cannot do but do not clarify whether the information provided by the individual should or should not be taken at face value. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the laws that exist seem to have a number of loopholes which are being exploited to the fullest.

The exploitation that is being noticed in Illinois is just the tip of the iceberg and instances such as these are prevalent throughout the world. The regulatory authorities governing the elections often do not get into questions related to whether expenses reported are personal or elected to the campaign. Most times, the word of the representative is accepted as the ultimate truth. Another example of questionable projects are “study tours” to an exotic location.  Participants enjoy staying in luxurious hotels and expensive services like fine dining and leisure trips. All these comes with hefty bills that will have to be paid.

[su_quote cite=”Paul Watson” class=”cust-pagination”]”I’ve had a lot of disappointments. I think my biggest disappointment is the failure of elected officials to make good on their promises in regards to the environment or anything else, really. I have very little faith in politicians.”[/su_quote]

Therefore it can be concluded that the select lifestyles of the elected rich are carefully chosen after due consideration is given to the regulations which are applicable.

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