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Priyanka Chopra’s Dog Is Living the Luxurious Life We All Wish We Had

Getting a dog is a lot of hard work and can be likened to raising your own child, sans the education, of course. But the responsibility entrusted to the owner/parents is pretty much the same: they need to be taken care of, treated as a part of the family, fed, looked after during the time of sickness, to name just a few of the responsibilities.

It’s the same as caring for an actual human being, and in return, they bring us a lot of joy and happiness, especially when you’re feeling lonely or down. Is there a better remedy for sadness than some puppy or kitten love?

Pets are so adorable that even stars are not immune to them, and they, too, know the overwhelming feeling of contentment in keeping their four-legged friends happy.

Celebrities Love Pets, Too

There are many celebrities that have dogs that they treat as their child. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in “Avengers,” loves his dog Dodge so much that he usually uploads their photos and videos on social media.

He met it while filming “Gifted” in 2016, fell in love with it, and adopted the dog – since then, we saw how inseparable they are. Singer Ariana Grande is also a known dog-lover as evident on her posts, where she is usually seen cuddling, kissing, and even playing with her pets.

In 2017, she reportedly had nine dogs: Toulouse, Cinnamon, Ophelia, Lafayette, Coco, Strauss, Pignoli, Fawkes, and Sirius!


One of the celebrities who are obsessed with their dogs is Chris Evans, who played Captain America in the “Avengers” franchise

And then there are stars who make sure their pets’ needs are always met, but more so, their wants. These celebrities are willing to shell out huge amounts of money just to become the best fur-parent there is, while others just make sure that their dogs are living as luxurious as they are.

You may be surprised to find out the extent these personalities are willing to go to for their beloved doggos. Take Priyanka Chopra, for example, whose pupper Diana is living a life of luxury equipped with all the things a pet could ever dream of, and maybe even more.

Meet Diana Chopra

If you thought Nick Jonas was showering Priyanka Chopra with lavish gifts, wait till you see how she actually treats her dog, Diana. The cute puppy is living the life even most humans can only dream of — doesn’t that just make you wish that you could switch lives with the dog. Let’s rewind a little bit and remember how the “Quantico” star first welcomed Diana in her life.

It all started when she had an interview with Buzzfeed, and was introduced to rescue puppies to the set. Chopra ended up taking a pup home by the end of the shoot, which she admitted was something she wanted to do for a long time since she misses her dog who is back home in Mumbai with her parents.

Since then, the 36-year-old and Diana only gave us pup goals with their adorable Instagram photos. They were spotted wearing matching clothes in New York as they head out and Chopra even made her dog her own Instagram account, which, as of this writing, has over 98,000 followers now.

So if there’s one thing we should be envy about apart from the actress herself, it would be the cuddly animal who has been living the life.

Diana’s Posh Life

But how luxurious is Diana’s life in the hands of her paw-some fur-mom? Recently, Chopra got her pooch a whopping $500-Moncler hoodie (Rs 36,000) which is especially made to keep pets warm during the cold weather.

Besides getting pampered by her owner, Diana also receives fancy gifts from her mom’s friends, including one from the actress’ stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, who gave the dog a Goyard Voltigeur pet travel bag. How much did it cost exactly? As per reports, it has a price tag of $1,500.

So basically, Diana is living the life we could only dream of, or will take us too long to save up for. Anyway, you can obviously see how much Chopra loves her dog and pretty sure her husband, Nick Jonas will treat her as their first child too.

Speaking of which, the actress had a spectacular year after tying the knot with the singer at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Rajasthan, India in a lavish two-part ceremony.

Prior that, they had been constant topics in gossip sites after being seen together but kept the real score between them until finally, they confirmed in August that they actually got engaged in July.

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