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Why Prince Harry and Meghan Can’t Wait to Move to Africa

Recently, the British royal family’s Kensington Palace released a statement announcing the fact that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had finally moved out, after many months of discussion in the media about this possible move and the reasons behind it.

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The couple is surely happy to finally have enough room to raise a family together.

The Frogmore Cottage, located near Windsor Castle, is the new home for the happy couple where they plan on raising their children, one of whom is on its way and due any day now. The real reason behind their move appears to be the lack of space they had in their old residence at Kensington Palace, and although they were reportedly offered a bigger space inside the Palace, the couple preferred Frogmore Cottage instead.

A Royal Source

A royal source has stated that this step will prove to be great for both Prince Harry and Meghan as the couple will enjoy a lot more at Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage in terms of space. The royal source also gave some inside scoop about the living conditions of Prince Harry and Meghan in the Kensington Palace. Apparently, both Harry and Meghan felt claustrophobic at Kensington Palace, probably because they were surrounded by many members of the royal family.

The Kensington Situation

According to the same source, the royal couple never intended the Kensington Palace to be their permanent residence and they always had plans to move out, especially upon the arrival of their first child. Now that the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant and about to deliver her firstborn, this was the perfect time for the couple to bring this relocation plan into action.

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Although nothing has been confirmed, initial media reports did speculate that perhaps conflicts had started to arise between the two royal couples, which is why Harry and Meghan decided to move away from Kensington Palace.

Not only have they split-up their residence from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but also their joint court. Moving forward, the Sussex court will have a separate office at the Buckingham Palace, which is also where the office of the ruling monarch is maintained.

A Perfect Home

Apparently, the cottage has a lot of memories attached to it which are extremely important to the couple. For example, not only did the pair have their wedding ceremony at the nearby St. George’s Chapel, but their wedding reception was also held at Frogmore House, the main estate where Frogmore Cottage is located.

An old friend of the couple has stated that this step will be very healthy for both of them individually, as the rather conservative norms of the Kensington Palace are not everyone’s cup of tea. The same source further explained that both Harry and Meghan will also be appreciating having some time apart from the royal family and the staff.

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Harry and Meghan held their reception at the famous Frogmore House.

It has taken plenty of time for the royal couple to finally move into Frogmore Cottage, and apparently, the delay has been caused due to the extensive renovations which the property required. According to reports, the Cottage was previously being used by the staff of the royal family, and hence was divided up into five units.

However, now that all renovations are complete and the pair has moved in, all in all, it looks extremely beautiful. The Cottage is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is located around 25 miles outside the city of London, so they are not too far away from the rest of their family.

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