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People Are Wary of Melania Trump’s Bodyguard – Here’s Why

The security of the rich and powerful is essential to them, no amount of resources is too big to safeguard their lives and that of their loved ones. When it comes to their security, no detail is too small nor is any slight threat treated as insignificant. Often they might get across as paranoid, but such extreme security measures have proven necessary in the face of the everyday dangers they are exposed to due to their wealth, power, and political ideology.

Melania and Her Secret Service Agent Look Ailke

So when considering the security measures that might be adopted in protecting the president of the United States and his family, it might be accepted that no methods can be too extreme nor unorthodox.

Recent news that the First Lady of the US Melania Trump has a secret service agent that looks just like her and serves as her double, has caused quite a frenzy on social media although the news has been largely regarded as “crazy” and “ridiculous” by experts who have served on different federal security levels, it didn’t stop Americans from feeding on the speculations and giving their take on the rumors.

A close-up Pic of Melania and Her Secret Service Agent

Melania Trump often wears big sunglasses, but some conspiracy theorists seem to think the accessory is a sign that someone else stands in for the first lady during public appearances.

Most recently a particular video of President Trump addressing the media about hurricane relief in Puerto Rico on Friday sparked the speculations and suspicions that the first lady might have a decoy. In the video, the first lady stands next to the president as he speaks. Her signature sunglasses cover her eyes, and she’s largely unresponsive. Although demeanor isn’t much different from other times, she had been seen with her husband in public outings, and some thought her blank expression meant it might be someone else behind the frames. Some people went as far scrutinizing the shape of the first lady’s nose in different photos, some concluding that the president’s counterpart on Friday was the “Fake Melania” or “Melania’s double.”


Since February, the Secret Service agent who was claimed to be her double has been spotted in pictures of the Trumps. Her outfit is typical of a Secret Service agent, featuring dark-blue or black pantsuits and heels.

The earliest photo of the Secret Service agent with the First Lady was a tweet from conservative commentator Laura Ingraham in February.

She accompanied the Trumps on a trip to Paris and has been sighted wearing hills on lots of occasions while on duty with the first family. Some social media users have noticed the heels, which seem to be unbecoming of a Secret Service agent.

They also began to notice the agent’s striking resemblance to Melania Trump.

The Secret Service could put her clothes on a body double to make a switch believable. But photos from the same day surfaced showing Melania without her sunglasses on, and it’s undoubtedly the first Lady. The job of the secret service is to protect the first family no matter where they go and unless the agency thought there was a specific and imminent threat to her life on a particular day, there wouldn’t be a need for a double.

The social media had a good take on the Melanie double theory despite how far-fetched it seems apparent this is not the first time a double theory has surfaced in the American political sphere, and similar suspicions surfaced about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. People claimed photos of the then-presidential candidate leaving a 9/11 anniversary ceremony didn’t look like the real Hilary Clinton.

An earlier conspiracy theory also claimed a photo of former President Barack Obama at dinner with his daughter Malia in February seemed like a double body standing in for the former President, the theorists pointed sighted that because of the curves of the pictured person’s nose. The Obama double theory didn’t quite garner much interest like the theories about Melania and Clinton, but it goes to prove that people have always been suspicious of decoys.

So political decoys do exist and have been used by different past leaders in others parts of the world, Saddam Hussein, and Josef Stalin are all known to have used human decoys while they were in power. And even if it is likely that human decoy may still exist, It was quite apparent that it was the real Melania standing beside President Donald Trump on Friday. The Secret Service may result to whatever means necessary to keep the first family safe, but doubles are just not likely to exist. And it is quite unlike the American leaders to shy away from danger, so doubles have never really been their way.

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