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Nick Jonas Gifts a New (and Very Expensive) Ride to PeeCee For a Very Special Reason

If you have not been following the news in the past couple of months, due to whatever reason, then you would be glad to know that the Jonas Brothers have come back together. Not only that, they had been working on a new song for some time as well and hence announced its release with the news of their regrouping.

Obviously, that song has charted on the #1 spot on the coveted Billboard Hot 100 charts, which makes sense considering the fact that millions of Jonas Brothers fans around the world had been listening to their old music ever since the band had announced their breakup back in the year 2013, and now finally they had something new from the band after around six years.

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The Jonas Brothers became an act all the way back in 2005.

But perhaps the happiest about the success of this single is no one else but the newest member of the Jonas family, actress Priyanka Chopra, not because she too played a role in the making of the song by appearing in its music video, but because her husband, Nick Jonas, thought she deserved an amazing car as a consequence of its success. And alas, Chopra has become the new owner of a gorgeous $270K Mercedes-Maybach.

Taking It To Instagram

Chopra could not contain her excitement and, of course, wanted to share the news with her fans as soon as possible, and what better platform to make such an announcement than Instagram where she can quickly share a cute little picture with a loving caption within seconds.

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The Mercedes-Maybach is truly a symbol of luxury, being one of the most expensive cars available in the market.

The picture that Chopra eventually ended up posting showed her posing with Nick right in front of her new ride, in a pose that makes the couple look like they are about to place a peck on each other’s lips. It also shows them holding two champagne cups with a bottle, while Chopra is holding Diana, her pet dog, in her other hand.

But the caption that came with the picture was perhaps even sweeter. The Quantico star first highlighted the fact that her husband had reached the number one spot on the charts with the new song, and then said that as a result she had gotten a Maybach, all in a rather cheeky manner to suggest that maybe there exists a correlation between a husband’s success and the gifts that the wife eventually receives. She obviously also declared her love for Nick and ended the post by calling him the best husband ever.

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Nick and Priyanka got married in a gorgeous event back in December 2018.

An Amazing Reaction

Even though the success of the song can mostly be attributed to the fact that it is the first to come from the Jonas Brothers in around six years, their wives also deserve some credit.

Featured in the music video are Danielle Jonas (the wife of Kevin Jonas), Sophia Turner (Joe’s wife), and of course Priyanka, who are very famous in their own fields and have obviously helped the song gain a lot of traction on social media. And the fact that they also shared the song on their own social media accounts means that they played an active part in making the song a huge success.

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